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Dry Composting Toilets

A Dry Composting Toilet is a toilet that does not use water to take the waste somewhere else; instead, it also allows natural processes to produce useful compost after a resting period. The main job of a composting toilet is to contain human waste and create conditions for rapid decomposition – including any pathogenic organisms – into humus; a safe stable soil-like substance.

Dry composting toilet not only does it conserve water, a fast depleting natural resource, and create a usable organic fertilizer to enrich the soil -- it also reduces the sewage load in cities. They are of even more significance in distant regions that are not connected to a main sewage line. More...

Contribution of the Day

Organic fertilizers Image:Organic fertilizers.jpg

Organic fertilizers depend on soil organisms to break them down to release nutrients. Bat Guano, cottonseed meal, blood meal, fish emulsion, manure and sewage sludge are examples of organic fertilizers More...

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Did You Know?

Sanitary Landfills

  • In 10,000 BC garbage becomes an issue as people first began to establish settlements.
  • The first municipal dump was established in ancient Athens in 400 BC.
  • The Romans had the first garbage men in 200 AD.
  • It wasn’t until 1388 that England banned waste disposal in public waterways and ditches.
  • When a report linked disease to filthy environmental conditions in 1842, the age of sanitation began.
  • A survey done in 1902, showed that 79% of the cities surveyed provided some type of garbage collection.
  • In 1937, the US' first proper landfill was opened in California. More...
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Horses and Ponies with Colic

Colic is abdominal pain caused by a build up of gas in the abdomen. In all cases, your vet should be called immediately. Colic has three main forms. These are Tympanitic colic, Spasmodic colic and Obstructive colic. Although you should call the vet out in all cases of colic, it is useful for us to be aware of the fact that not all colic is the rapidly progressive, often fatal obstructive colic. Always be guided by your vet in the management of colic. More...

Alison Grimston

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