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Bill Longridge was an Internationally Published Author, Personal Development Trainer, Conference Speaker, Psycho-spiritual Therapist and was known to many as Ireland’s No.1 Happiness Coach.

For the last 12 years Bill had been actively involved in Personal Development Training and thousands of individuals are thought to have benefited from his seminar and workshop programmes. Bill authored three published works, the second - “Out of Pain - Into Power” - attained international recognition when released throughout the commonwealth countries by publisher Random House who described Bill as, ”(One of…) the world’s leading experts in personal development.” Promotionally, Random House positioned Bill Longridge alongside such all-time notables as Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale and Susan Jeffers.

Bill was also co-author (with Sonia Longridge) of the yet to be published “Raising Happy, Confident and Successful Children” and before his death in December 2007, completed a book on relationships - “Attracting Your Ideal Partner”.

Bill created the life-transforming 10-hour audio programme - “The Personal Empowerment Programme.” Remembered as a warm, sensitive, caring and highly skilled seminar presenter whose declared life mission was ”The expansion of love on planet earth”, Bill's work can be seen at: [1]

He was born and raised in Ireland but, in his twenties, moved to Australia where he was to develop a passionate and enduring interest in the psycho-spiritual world. Following a successful career in business, Bill experienced a major life crisis in his early 40’s when, as he describes it, “Not only did I discover I was climbing the wrong ladder, but the ladder itself was leaning against the wrong wall!” Bill returned to Ireland where he was to represent one of the world’s largest personal development training organizations as regional director for N. Ireland.