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Warli Paintings

Warli paintings are folk paintings made by the Warli tribe, the largest tribe in Maharashtra. The Warli tribe resides in Thane district of Maharashtra on the northern outskirts of Mumbai and extends up to the Gujarat border. Traditionally painted on walls, Warli paintings are a vivid expression of daily and social events of the tribe and provide the only means of transmitting folklore to a community not acquainted with the written word. Warli Paintings are very different from other folk and tribal paintings in India. Their themes are not mythological, nor their colors as bright as the ones seen in Madhubani Paintings. Neither do they contain the robust sensuality of the paintings found in Eastern India. Instead they are painted on mud, charcoal, cow dung based surface using Natural Dyes in white with series of dots in red and yellow. More...

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Image: Ivory_01.jpg Remains of simple dwellings carved out of piles of mammoth tusks bear testimony to the fact that man had found use for ivory in the pre-historic times. And, very soon by the beginning of civilization, ivory had found popularity as a medium for the expression of art and crafts. In the Indus Valley Civilization ivory combs, scales and seals have been found. More...

About This Channel

The section on Art and Entertainment is designed to enable readers to understand how a particular culture expresses itself – in so doing they may gain a better understanding of the culture in question. Art and Entertainment forms express a culture’s language of leisure. They represent its deepest yearnings, hopes and sources of joy through sounds, actions and pictures.

The articles in the section will enable readers to discover unusual entertainment and art forms, as well as provide information on the latest trends in the Art and Entertainment scene. At their very core lies the sensibility that it is when people of different cultures delight in each other’s cherished art forms or means of entertainment, that they may be able to better understand each other as well as the world they inhabit together.


Belly Dance

  • Belly Dance is a wonderful exercise for women of all ages!
  • According to the oral tradition handed down through generations of Middle Eastern women, belly dance originated as an exercise during pregnancy, which helped women prepare their abdominal muscles for labor.
  • It is not an erotic performance as it has been made out to be by the West -- instead, it is a form of meditation that honors the Divine Feminine in the dancer.
  • The art of belly dancing originated in the Middle East and other Arabic influenced regions many centuries ago.



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