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Volunteer Vacations

Volunteer vacation is a term which stands for the experience of spending a holiday as a volunteer. One travels and works with local communities and indigenous societies on a number of different issues. When done in the right spirit, it can be a life-changing experience.

Volunteer vacations are closely aligned with the concept of sustainable tourism. They involve different kinds of projects and themes to volunteer in. From teaching children basic English in a village in India to working with endangered species. From helping a local community rebuild earthquake affected villages in Pakistan to helping control soil erosion in South America, there is no dearth of subjects and topics. More...

Contribution of the Week

Coral Reef

Image:Coral-reef.jpg Coral reefs are among the most diverse and productive communities on Earth. They are found in the warm, clear, shallow waters of tropical oceans worldwide. Reefs have functions ranging from providing food and shelter to fish and invertebrates to protecting the shore from erosion. More...

About This Channel

The Lébou people say that not knowing is bad, but not seeking knowledge is worse. Travel in the modern world is an ethical minefield of terms like ethical tourism, responsible travel, fair trade travel.

A larger number of people are now travelling to experience more than just the all sensory touchables like new sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. What travellers seek today is the real with more interpersonal connections with the locals of an area.

So if you are going to travel the world, avoid the cultural bloopers, get informed, inform others, contribute the maximum while disturbing the minimum, look into Art of New Age Travel or the Travel And Culture section and add your two pennies to ours.

We’d be deliriously happy if you actually contributed articles but if you’re lazy add some links, resources, books we must read or just read some our pages and tell us what you think of them on the discussion boards. Till then happy trotting around the world.


Virtual Vacations

  • Virtual Vacations are a great way to see a place you may never get to, plan a holiday or revisit a cherished spot.
  • More and more holiday destinations across the world are now installing web cameras at strategic locations to allow virtual tourists to explore freely.
  • Virtual vacations are also a great way to explore ecologically sensitive areas like rain forests and habitats of endangered animals without leaving a footprint.
  • There are more than a million webcams, short for Web cameras, on the internet which are offering images in real-time across the world, ranging from one in the port of Paros in Greece and some in wedding chapels in Las Vegas, to some in the heart of the African jungle.
  • Research trips are another type of volunteer vacation where most often you work on an academic or scientific project as a volunteer. More...