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Your contributions will improve the existing articles and increase the database of articles. Here are some guidelines to help you edit or write CopperWiki articles.

[edit] Content Guidelines

CopperWiki articles should –-

  • Start where wikipedia ends. The purpose is to equip the reader so that he is able to take an informed decision about the way he lives and what he can do about it.
  • Give a 360 degree view on the subject.
  • Inform about all the facts related to the product/practice.
  • Identify the ticking time bombs around us – the harmful products, the unsustainable lifestyle patterns, harmful habits (community level, individual level) and global issues at regional level (water level management etc)
  • Throw light upon any controversy related to the subject.
  • Provide information about traditional products/practices in that field.
  • Provide enough information – pros, cons, availability, opinions, side effects, myths and grey areas – for the reader to weigh his options and decide.
  • Share useful tips and trivia on the subject with the reader.

[edit] Editorial Guidelines

CopperWiki is an open source platform which has undertaken a serious mission – to provide information that helps self/community/world live consciously.

  • Practice responsible journalism
  • Provide accurate facts. Reconfirm the fact with at least two additional sources before including it in your article.
  • Content should be based on secondary research. As a policy, we do not have anything to do with primary research.
  • If you are using any research based on information in your article, please back it with the link for the web based source from where you have sourced the information.
  • Content is based on reliable sources
  • Do exhaustive research.
  • Be unbiased
  • Be generous with your knowledge and effort. Share whatever you know and be prepared for it to be edited by somebody.
  • Discussions on subject should be backed with facts and sources if possible. The purpose of the discussions should be to enable the reader to make an informed choice.
  • Vandalism and unacceptable behaviour and language will not be permitted on the site.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please rewrite all the information you have sourced from other sites and give credit to the other site whenever you use their information.
  • Controversial and less known facts should be supported by links given to sources.
  • If you are taking a table or a picture from a site for your article, ensure that there is no copyright conflict; and that the said matter gives due credit to these sources and links.
  • CopperWiki has the right to block a user without giving reasons.
  • CopperWiki has the right to delete an article without giving reasons.
  • CopperWiki has the right to lock content – disallow edits and additions to that article.

[edit] What Can I Do Here?

There is lots you can do here. You can write an article, edit almost any page. You can also express your point of view or ask questions on any topic. To do so click on the discussion board and post you comment there. Find something that can be improved, whether content, grammar or formatting, and make it better.

For those of you writing for us for the first time, click here.

To seek additional information, you can get in touch with us at the following address, [email protected]


The CopperWiki Team