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Knowing how to give first aid in emergencies can and does, save many lives. Whenever possible, try and call a doctor or an ambulance.


[edit] Did You Know

  • A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies.
  • It is better to have tetanus shots once every three years.
  • Even major injuries benefit from swift first aid treatment
  • First aid, also requires at least a modicum of common sense; so apply your knowledge carefully when confronted by an emergency situation.

[edit] Artificial Respiration

Mouth to Nose

  • Put victim’s face up
  • Clear mouth with finger
  • Use one hand to hold victim’s chin forwards and mouth closed. place other hand on forehead
  • Seal your lips around victim’s nose and breathe into it.
  • Remove your mouth and watch the victim’s chest fall
  • Breathe into victim’s nose again. Give approximately 12-16 breaths a minute.

[edit] Asphyxiation

  • Check if the victim is breathing and drag away from danger
  • Loosen anything around the neck that might be choking the victim
  • Clear the victim’s airway by lying him on his back, supporting chin and removing any debris from mouth with finger
  • Check breathing and pulse
  • If you cannot see, hear or feel any breathing, give mouth to mouth resuscitation
  • Once breathing is normal, turn victim on side in recovery position
  • Again make sure the victim’s airway is clear.
  • Keep careful watch on breathing and give artificial respiration again if it falters.
  • Get medical aid.

[edit] Bites and Stings

  • Homeopathy experts say that all animal bites must be washed with pure tincture of Hypericum or a dilution in cold, boiled water. For pain and swelling, have Apis 6x
  • Conventional treatment- Wash affected area with warm water and soap or milk antiseptic.
  • Dry gently, wiping down and away from wound
  • Cover with clean dressing. Consult a doctor and have a tetanus shot or a course of antibiotics
  • For Bee Stings, in which both sting and poison bag are left in casualty, apply crumbled leaves of plantain
  • For Wasp Stings – in which only the poison is left in the casualty- wash the affected area with vinegar
  • Naturopathy experts advice to immerse the affected area in cold water containing ice cubes and a tsp of baking soda. This slows circulation and helps prevent poison spreading.
  • One can also try holding a fresh slice of raw onion over the area or cover with wheat germ oil. Put a ice bag on top and apply calendula cream to soothe

[edit] Blisters

Orthodox treatment-

  • Gently wipe blisters with cotton wool soaked in methylated spirit
  • Alternatively , wash it with soap and water or antiseptic wipe
  • If blister is large and fluid filled, sterilize a sewing needle by passing once or twice through a flame
  • Let the needle cool for a second and do not touch or wipe the tip
  • Hold the needle flat on skin and press firmly into blister, bursting it.
  • Remove the needle and press gently with clean swab, wipe and apply dry dressing.

[edit] Alternative treatment

  • Biochemic tissue salts- Take 4 tablet of Nat. mur every 30 minutes till pain goes away. For children, try 2 tablets every 30 minutes.

[edit] Chest compression

  • It involves providing artificial pump for blood if heart has stopped pumping.
  • Give 2 inflations of the casualty’s lungs and then feel for carotid pulse for at least 5 seconds.
  • If pulse cannot be detected, and if casualty’s complexion is turning blue, place on firm surface and start chest compression
  • Feel for breastbone and place heel of one hand on the casualty’s chest, two fingers up from bottom of breastbone
  • Keep thumb and fingers raised and off chest.
  • Keep heel of your hand in place and put other hand over it, fingers interlocked, thumb and finger raised.
  • Press down about 4-5cm. Repeat until pulse beats unaided.
  • Remember that Chest compression should only be used if casualty’s heart has stopped beating and he seems likely to die. Ideally it should be learned from a qualified instructor and should be applied only be someone who has been trained. If applied incorrectly or unnecessarily, it could be fatal

[edit] Fainting

Bach Remedies

  • As the victim comes around, place a few drops of Rescue remedy on tongue or offer in water or tea


  • Give Aconite after faint from fright.
  • Give Arsenicum after faint from exhaustion or cold and carbo vegetalis after faint from lack of air.

Orthodox treatment

  • If casualty has passed out , but is breathing normally, lay on back with legs raised above level of head.
  • Make sure casualty can still breathe, if necessary by supporting chin
  • Hold legs up or prop them on chair or anything else suitable
  • Loosen clothing at neck, chest and waist and ensure victim gets plenty of fresh air
  • If the victim has difficulty in breathing, ensure that airway is clear and if necessary administer artificial respiration.

[edit] Motion sickness


  • Press point three fingers width above wrist crease on inner wrist centrally in line with middle finger. Apply pressure towards center of wrist.
  • Alternatively, wristbands applying similar pressure can be worn. They can be bought from chemists.
  • Travel sickness and seasickness tablets are available from chemists and take one about an hour before setting out on a journey
  • If driving, do not take tablets containing antihistamine, which can cause drowsiness
  • Fresh air and regular breaks should also help ward off sickness.

[edit] Sunburn

Herbal Medicine

  • Apply cold water and then add 1 or 2 drops of lavender oil.
  • Apply cold compress of marigold infusion. Marigold or comfrey cream may also ease large and mild burns
  • Apply fresh leaves of houseleeks or plantain to small burns
  • Apply a lotion made from dock roots or mixture of water and vinegar.
  • Soothe mild cases of sunburn by applying calamine lotion and witch hazel
  • If sunburn is severe, get medical help.
  • Have a lot of fluids. Do not drink alcohol or beverages with caffeine because they speed up fluid loss
  • Never deliberately burst blisters caused by sunburn

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