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Premature Greying

When a child of 8 sees a few grey hairs appearing, it is bewildering for him. For a pree-teen or a teenager, such Premature Greying can result in emotional trauma. Yet these few strands of grey do not signify premature ageing, as feared by most. Typically grey hair first develops at age 34 -- 44 years in Caucasians while for black people the average age of onset is 44 - 54 years. Premature greying is a morbid condition and it makes even the young look older.

Premature grey hair runs in families. The time and speed of the onset of grey hair is in most cases determined by a person's genes. However, factors such as additional stress, constant tension, smoking and certain medical conditions such as thyroid disorders, vitiligo, vitamin B deficiency and anaemia can also cause premature greying. More...

Contribution of the Week

Body Odour

Evidence suggests that animals sniff body odour to choose their mates. Amongst human beings, however, body odour is a socially debilitating and personally embarrassing problem. Sweat is actually the body's biological way of cooling down. By itself, sweat is odourless but when it remains on the body for a while, it reacts with bacteria present on the skin to produce body odour. ... More...

About This Channel

The Fashion And Beauty section addresses major beauty and style questions, closely following trends and products in the bargain , even as it tries to disseminate useful and handy information within the parameters of 'good health'. In keeping with the idea of bringing together piecemeal and fragmented information on beauty and fashion, the pages and topics are so compiled so as to help individuals - women and even men make appropriate choices as individuals in their quest for a better life and life style.

What sets this section apart from other sources of information of a similar kind is the choice of topics. It is current, trend setting and exhaustive. Some of the questions we seem to be asking constantly are - is a particular product good, is it healthy, could I do without the product? Are there safer and more viable alternatives? At the end of it all we promote the whole idea of conscious living and help people out there make informed choices.

Did You Know?


  • Most shampoos contain ingredients that are harmful to either hair, scalp or our health. Though harmful, these are supposedly within 'safe' limits as prescribed by regulating agencies.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a common shampoo ingredient, can damage the protein in children's eyes. In extreme cases, this may lead to blindness and the corrosion of hair follicles, impairing the ability to grow and repair hair.
  • Baby shampoos often contain a higher level of ethylene oxide to reduce irritancy. It is an extremely harmful compound and a known endocrine disruptor.
  • To minimize the damage done by chemicals in shampoos, follow it up with a natural conditioner as an egg mask or lemon skins steeped in coconut oil.
  • The amount of lather is no indication of a shampoo's effectiveness. More...


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