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'Green care’ is the utilisation of agricultural farms - animals, plants, garden, farm, and the landscape - as a base for promoting human mental and physical health, as well as quality of life, for a variety of groups. A multi-disciplinary scientific effort is essential to further develop green services as part of a multi-functional agriculture.

[edit] Green Care for Mental Ailments

Spending time on a farm - even looking after cows, horses, or other animals - can help people with mental illness better manage their anxieties and increase their confidence, according to a Norwegian study. The study helps widen the scope of 'Green care', which enlists nature to ease patients' suffering. Patients suffering from schizophrenia, anxiety, personality or emotional disorders who visited a farm for three hours twice a week for 12 weeks and worked mainly with dairy cows, cattle raised for meat and horses, showed significant improvements in coping with anxiety and in their confidence in managing new situations.

[edit] Green Health Care Missions

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, for example, is committed to encouraging the adoption of resource conservation and pollution prevention principles and effective environmental management systems, without compromising safety and care, so as to protect human health and reduce the Canadian health care system's ecological impact.

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