Green Streets

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[edit] What are Green Streets?

Green streets sustainably allow stormwater to infiltrate into the soil, reducing runoff and improving water quality.

[edit] Portland Green Street Program

  • Reduce polluted stormwater entering Portland’s rivers and streams;
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety;
  • Divert stormwater from the sewer system and reduce basement flooding, sewer backups and combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to the Willamette River;
  • Reduce impervious surface so stormwater can infiltrate to recharge groundwater and surface water;
  • Increase urban green space;
  • Improve air quality and reduce air temperatures;
  • Reduce demand on the city’s sewer collection system and the cost of constructing expensive pipe systems;
  • Address requirements of federal and state regulations to protect public health and restore and protect watershed health; and
  • Increase opportunities for industry professionals.