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Insomnia and Hypnosis

Experts and sufferers alike believe that often, Insomnia is simply a person's inability to relax at night. Insomniacs often are unable to clear their minds at night, and with thoughts racing fast and furious, they find it impossible to sleep. At other times, lifestyle, environment, diet and a whole host of external things can disturb normal sleeping habits. Hypnotherapists say that hypnosis can teach insomniacs to shut these out. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it has few side effects and often mitigates the need for insomnia medicines, most of which have harmful side effects.

Among other benefit, hypnotherapy soothes insomniacs by helping them to relax, develop a good sleep pattern and removes negative habits that interfere with the natural sleeping cycle. More...

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Insomnia or sleeplessness can lead to severe fatigue, anxiety, depression and lack of concentration. Millions of people are said to be at risk of injury and physical and emotional difficulty because they do not get enough sleep. In some severe cases, insomnia can last for years More...

About This Channel

We at Copperwiki believe that to live in this world with grace and happiness, we all need a healthy approach to life-within and without. Our section on Health and Spirituality defines that.

Our articles explore the multi-hued nuances of diseases and treatments, therapies, healing, wellness, spiritual dimensions, energy systems and human potential and provides useful, informative and friendly ways to actualize it.

This section underlines the strong link between health and spirituality, as seen through a balanced and thoughtful prism.

Hope it helps you to find your passion and health, contentment, joy and a life of harmony.


Home Remedies For Insomnia

  • A warm bath will relax all those tense muscles before bedtime. Add a cup of bath salts or baking soda or both, to your hot tub for even better effect.
  • The best sleeping conditions in a room are fresh air (even though this is tough in the West where most rooms are practically airtight) and an ambient temperature between 60-65 degrees.
  • Choose a firm bed which supports your entire body and especially your spine, well enough for it to relax.
  • To relax best, lie flat on the back. This allows all the internal organs to rest properly. If you must sleep on your side, make sure it is on your left side, not right. More...

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