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[edit] What is SKAL ?

Skal is the certification and inspection body for organic production based in the Netherlands. The Skal certification deals with products within the scope of agricultural production, the processing of agricultural products, the import of products outside the EU, and also with trade and storage companies (not including shops) Agricultural organic production is regulated by the Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91. This regulation came into force in the EU in 1992. In the year 200, animal husbandry and processing also came under the purview of this legislation.

[edit] How does SKAL certify products?

For its certification process, SKAL undertakes inspections – this includes farm visits, examination of soil, crop and tissue samples and administrative assessments. Skal is the legal owner and has the right to issue the EKO quality symbol. The use of this symbol is only possible once the company meets the strict requirements and with the written permission of Skal on the products that emerge from these certified processes. This allows consumers to recognise the symbol as one of certified organic production that meets all EU requirements of organic production. Skal certified products are also GMO free- that is, free from genetically modified organisms as well derivates of GMO’s . GMO’s cannot be labelled as organically produced as per Council Regulation (EC) Nr. 1804/1999. This legislation applies to the whole production chain.

Any company that is operating in the Netherlands and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in agricultural production, processing, import, storage or trade of organic products, has to be certified and inspected by Skal. This is also binding on organisations that outsource production or packaging and sell under their own brand name. Within the EU, companies that are certified by an EU recognised inspection body can be marketed as such throughout the EU. However, for the import of organic products from outside the EU, the importer requires Skal Import Certificate.

[edit] References

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