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This category is used for administration purposes by the CopperWiki Team. It cannot be edited or changed by unauthorised persons. It contains pages which are not articles, or lists articles by status, rather than content.


This category and its subcategories contain pages which have been semi-protected in line with the CopperWiki:Protection policy. Semi-protection prevents a page from being edited by anonymous and newly registered users. For fully protected pages, which can be edited only by administrators, see protected pages.

To add a page to this category, use {{pp-semi-protected}} or one of the more specific semi-protection templates. This should only be done if the page is in fact semi-protected.

Note that adding the template does not in itself protect the page. Conversely, protecting the page does not automatically add the template (or any other visible protected-page category linkages), which results in some pages having a "view source"-tab instead of "edit this page" and yet not showing "Semi-protected" at the bottom -- a situation new users may find rather confusing. Therefore, it is best to always add the template immediately after protecting the page.