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Spirit Release Therapy has been practiced since the ancient times. Almost all cultures and religions address the issue of discarnate beings of various types influencing living people, causing various degrees of harm to their hosts.


[edit] Why should I be aware of this?

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There is an ongoing effort to realize that our spacetime dimension is nested within a multiplicity of other dimensions, some material and some non-material. It requires taking on board the evidence that consciousness is primary and not secondary to physical reality.

The result of the effort would mean acknowledging that beyond our spacetime are domains in which linear time does not exist; that past, present and future are merely features of our physical universe; that consciousness is eternal and infinite and that we are participants in a living, spiritual cosmos.

Today several psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, mental health professionals and energy healers all over the world practice spirit release therapy where other methods have failed. In this method of therapy the enormous influence and power of the higher energy fields is "authenticated" by modern methods of scientific measurement.

Clearing foreign psychic energies has been found to be an effective form of cure and prevention.

[edit] How does this affect me?

Unwelcome negative energies can attack us at a subtle vibrational level when we are physically or emotionally under stress. After getting hold of us they influence our health, personality and behavior. A Lost Soul may well bring with it the physical symptoms it experienced at the time of its death and prevent us from moving forward in life. Through spirit release therapy, these entities are transformed so that they are unable to return to us.

[edit] All about spirit release therapy

Spirits can interfere with a person's life by getting into the body, by hovering behind the body, or by being in the house. Spirits can be classified as:

  • Demonic Spirits

Demonic spirit possession is rampant and is the basis for most violent crimes. The aim of these spirits is to create confusion, take control, spread violence, cause emotional/physical pain and degradation and demeaning of humans.

  • Earthbound Spirits

They are those who experienced confusion prior to and during the time of death. This confusion and a desire to express as if it still had a body, is the primary reason why the spirit stays or returns to its familiar surroundings or location of death and continue their former lifestyle and habits.

  • Alien Spirits

Alien Spirits appear from another space and time, and though they occur less often than other spirit forms, they commonly cause the most devastating, disabling, haunting and emotionally painful manifestation. Their main agenda is causing pain, taking control and experimentation and/or torture.

[edit] Unlike exorcism

Unlike in exorcism, in spirit release therapy transformation is non-confrontational and non-confrontational and is achieved through negotiation. The power of love and the assistance of higher angelic beings are invoked to help the invading entities on their evolutionary path towards enlightenment. The entities are transformed into a higher more evolved state from where they cannot return.

In SRT healing is provided to the attached spirit to enable them to move on “into the light.” It involves use of spirit healing energy, calling upon the universal power of light, love and wisdom that comes from the Divine to bring healing and freedom for those affected and for the soul which has got attached.

[edit] 90 degrees

Strange, being attached to some spirits is not a negative experience. Some people become attached to the feeling and familiarity of the spirit attached to them.

Examples of positive spirit attachments are:

  • Relatives who after death wish to stay and "help"
  • Relatives that we have not let go, as we still need them and their help.
  • Good intentioned souls who come to us in response to our cries for help.
  • Childhood "imaginary" friends

When such kinds of positive attachments end, sometimes people feel a sense of loss which can take a little time to heal.

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