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Star articles represent the best that CopperWiki has to offer. These are the articles that showcase the polished result of the collaborative efforts that drive this open source platform. All star articles undergo a thorough review process to ensure that they meet the highest standards and can serve as an example of our end goals.

List of featured articles

Nominating star articles

To nominate an article for star article status, select well written, informative balanced articles. These articles should be the best, the most useful and the most comprehensive that the virtual world has to offer. The topics should reflect the purpose of CopperWiki.

Articles which meet the criterial for becoming star articles should be first put up for review on the CopperWiki community page. After it has been reviewed by the CopperWiki community, suggested changes should be incorporated.

If a topic has the potential of becoming a star article, then interested parties should make suggestions on the discussion page of that article. After additions have been made to that article, it has been formatted, and it meets current standards of CopperWiki articles, then it may be put up for review by the CopperWiki community.