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Child abuse is such an important topic. Yet there is an element to child abuse usually ignored--not intentionally. We, as a nation, have been conditioned to dismiss, disbelieve or ignore it. Please learn the basics about dissociation to fully comprehend the problem of the children who can't tell of their abuse--the children six and under who have adapted the survival mechanism of dissociation to the extreme. The world has been taught it is extremely rare. But it is directly related to children abused frequently prior to age six. We have an epidemic of child abuse. DID (dissociative identity disorder) is far more common than we have been led to believe.

The tragedy is that children who grow up not realizing they are being abused become adults who likely will not remember until their 30s or 40s. A well funded campaign from groups who support each other's perverted activities has inundated the media with messages of false memories and dismissal of adult survivors of abuse at the hands of pedophiles.

I am a survivor of that abuse, a healed being from that abuse, and a psychotherapist experienced in helping others through the arduous healing process. As a result of having come full circle and learning of that underworld from healing survivors, I have insight that has not been presented previously in a manner that is logical and hopefully uncomplicated. I invite you to visit [1] to learn more. Then question what you knew before you read about it. If it makes sense, please spread the word.

Let's attack organized pedophilia at its core. Going after the top of the mountain (the internet predators) never reaches that lower level of horror to the children.

[edit] Let's talk about it

Hi Grace, I am one of Copperwiki's core members would personally like to welcome you to this "awareness" platform. We picked up child abuse as a topic because there is too much silence yet about the issue and voices are still to be heard. Also, because we felt that raising awareness about this was critical so that prevention or even diagnosis could happen at the right time and not before it was too late. Often we as adults turn a blind eye to what is happening right in front of us, or just cannot see despite best intentions. Child abuse can potentially scar us for life and prevention can act as a huge step in the right direction. Adults must know, must be able to read the signs, even as children cannot bring themselves to speak about the unspeakable. For many, who break their silence after years of suffering and with first steps towards true healing and acceptance, bring courage and dignity to an issue few of us can look in the eye. I look forward to all your wisdom that you can bring both personally and professionally into this space of extraordinary challenge. This platform is yours and needs very much all that you have to share.

warm regards, Suparna banerjee