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Companies we are loving:
Krelwear - [1] prepurposed yarn into tubular, seamless sexy dresses, tops and scarves with major fans like Cristina Ricci and Cameron Diaz.

Ciel [2] - Hot, contemporary women's fashion in hemp silks, bamboo, and other eco-awesome materials.

Ashley Watson [3] - Rescued vintage leather jackets, making these hobo bags in all colors super slouchy and chic.

Natalie Portman has created a vegan line for Te Casan[4], a high end spanish shoe company with a boutique in NYC.

Thanks to Jeff from Atlanta for his call. [5]


The Lazy Environmentalist is scouring the globe to create the most complete and up-to-date directory of eco-fashion boutiques that are both on line and in your neighborhood.

Online Boutiques

Adili [7]
Bamboo Styles [8]
Beklina [9]
BOHMO [10]
BTC Elements [11]
Coco's Shoppe [12]
Clothworks Boutique Ethique [13]
DeviDoll [14] [15]
Envi [16]
Equa [17]
Fashion-Conscience [18]
Green Loop [19]
Green With Glamour [20]
Heart Felt Artistry [21]
Hip & Zen [22]
lilikoi [23]
Modify [24]
Not Just Pretty [25]
Nubius Organics [26]
Pangaya [27]
Sparrow Handbags [28]
RectroActif [29]
Super Lucky Cat [30]
Sweet Grass Fibers [31]
The White Parrot [32]
Twice Shy [33]
Viva Terra [34]
Yellow Port [35]

[edit] Eco Noveau for us

American Apparel [36]

Avita Co-op [37]

Bahar Shahpar [38]

Convoy [39]

Deborah Lindquist [40]

Ecouture [41]

Livity [42]

Loomstate [43]

Rogan Gregory [44]

Red Flag Design [45]

SameUnderneath [46]

Society for Rational Dress [47]

Tierra del Forte [48]

Tom’s Shoes [49]