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Hi Abhijith,

when i use hair color (which i do) i would want to know about comparision between brands - to be precise which is the least harmful (amonsgt Garnier, Loreal, Revlon)? i know i am already messing up my hair health, but i want to know the path of least damage?

for e.g Revlon claims ammonia free product, what does ammonia free mean? is it really less harmful than the others, or is it just a marketing hype? i want the real facts, which marketing hype covers very well with big budget feel good ads, claims etc. even the beauty salons i go to endorse some product or the other and give out edited dope. Can i get the real stuff here and see what choices i really have?

It will be hard work i agree to get such research. but then it would really be worth my while to read this article. there is a huge, huge market out there and growing ever so rapidly. will we become a nation of hair color addicts just to break the black monotony?

looking out for more, Suparna


Abhijit, Did you know that even natural hair dyes like henna are not always good for you? Henna may excessively dry the scalp, and should be used sparingly (not even once a month). Since there is no evidence that natural dyes do not have any harmful effects, I think they too should be used with caution. Geetanjali

Natural Hair Colour????

Hi Abhijith (I assume from the discussion that you're the author),

I have to say I was really disappointed to read this article, which was the first one I read on Copperwiki. To say that this has not really encouraged me to go any further is putting it mildly.

Here I was, thinking to myself, finally a great database on anything 'green'... I type natural hair colours and am taken to a page which is titled 'Hair Colour'. Most of the information is about large cosmetic companies who have very little on their table to prove that they are ethical, socially and environmentally conscious at all. Have you not read about the testing procedures on animals at all??

The section on organic or natural hair colour is barely there.

What is this about, really?? Could someone clarify??

Hi Abhijith,

Just come clarification to the comment I made yesterday rergarding your article... I discovered that I hadn't been very specific in what I was commenting on.

I'm sure you've heard of the FDA... I would believe that you would have researched the technical aspects from the many reports they have published on cosmetics. Then there is PETA of course....

Responsible writing should mean to make people aware of the concept and its pros and cons, in detail.


Hi Charulata,

Your comments on Hair Color are extremely constructive. It is clear that you have gone deep into the subject and have acquired considerable know-how.

At the outset I would like to clarify that I am not the sole author of this article, though I have initiated the content creation. Copperwiki, as you must have seen, is a collaborative platform which is open to additions, edits, deletes by contributors who feel strongly about, or possess knowledge on subjects of their interest. This way the articles here get their all-round perspective and become whole.

As Copperwiki is based the twin aspects of awareness and choice, I had started this article with the objective of creating an awareness of the prevailing trends in this category and answering what I felt were some popular concerns of consumers. While I addressed issues such as the pros and cons of coloring hair, the controversies surrounding its adverse effects and the choices available to consumers; other contributors have added different aspects like using natural ingredients for colouring, “did you knows” etc. It is obvious from your comments that a lot more information needs to be incorporated.

When a problem of the magnitude of hair care is discussed there are bound to be wide-ranging concerns and debates. You have pointed out many areas which, when added, will certainly enrich the article, and I appreciate the trouble you have taken to bring it to our notice.

I, along with other contributors, will certainly take a re-look based on your suggestions. I request you to visit us again after a few days to see if your concerns have been adequately addressed.

Thank you once again for your interest and participation.

Best regards


PS – In fact it would be great if you too can take some time out and add some of the important aspects of hair colouring, such as you have pointed out.


Hi Abhijit,

Good to see that the article is a lot more informative and that Copperwiki takes all sorts of feedback well. Hope the same level of responsible information is provided in all the other articles.

Hope to come back soon to Copperwiki for any other information I need.


Hi Charulata,

Happy to find you again at Copperwiki and glad that you found the additional information to your satisfaction.

Thank you for your feedback. It is constructive feedback such as yours that will help make this site a real success.