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Hi Abhijeet,

this is such a cooool article. Answered all my questions :-)!!!

  1. Can we quote the source link that gave the Citigroup finding about the impact of Micro-credit right next to it? It will give it more veracity.
  2. Could the section on "Impact on empowerment" have a little sentence in the beginning that would make it easier to understand?
  3. In the Global acceptance section, could we add a short list and links (maybe just 5 to 7) of most the well-known Micro-credit providing organisations, especially in South Asia, including India, South America and Africa?
  4. Also add to the short note on Grameen Bank- especially the fact that it has been awarded the Nobel Prize?[1]



[edit] some micro credit organisations


  • Accion [3]
  • Acumen Fund [4]
  • Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest [5]
  • FINCA [6]
  • Grameen Foundation USA [7]
  • Microcredit Summit Campaign [8]
  • Opportunity International [9]
  • Women's World Banking [10]
  • Basix [11]
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