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Mindful Travel in Ladakh

The opening up of Ladakh has brought many changes in the last thirty years, some good and some bad. While it is not fair to bemoan all changes (after all no culture can remain static over the years) there are some that even Ladakhis are coming to believe they can do without. Plastic bags have replaced traditional baskets, cloth and leather bags; bottled water has replaced mountain spring water (which incidentally, is what many bottled water manufacturers claim to use anyway) and junk food, especially instant noodles that has replaced traditional Ladakhi fare whilst on long treks -- Tsampa, roasted barley flour. More insidious are the changes that are taking place in the culture and psyches of Ladakhis. Many believe that life in the West is infinitely better than in Ladakh.More...

Contribution of the Week

Mountain Biking

Imagine biking on a mountain trail, wind on the face, rugged terrain all around and no paved road in sight... No wonder bikers across the world say that mountain biking offers thrills (and spills) that no other form of biking does. It is an exciting and challenging sport that anyone who can ride a cycle and has a sense of adventure, can take up. More...

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The Lébou people say that not knowing is bad, but not seeking knowledge is worse. Travel in the modern world is an ethical minefield of terms like ethical tourism, responsible travel, fair trade travel.

A larger number of people are now travelling to experience more than just the all sensory touchables like new sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. What travellers seek today is the real with more interpersonal connections with the locals of an area.

So if you are going to travel the world, avoid the cultural bloopers, get informed, inform others, contribute the maximum while disturbing the minimum, look into Art of New Age Travel or the Travel And Culture section and add your two pennies to ours.

We’d be deliriously happy if you actually contributed articles but if you’re lazy add some links, resources, books we must read or just read some our pages and tell us what you think of them on the discussion boards. Till then happy trotting around the world.


Benares -- the City of Light

  • Believed to be one of the oldest living cities of the world, Benares has been inhabited for centuries.
  • The significance of Benares lies not only in the fact that it is considered so holy, but in the fact that it embodies the Hindu philosophy of death.
  • Hindus believe that Lord Shiva himself whispers the mantra of salvation in the ears of those privileged to die and be cremated in Benares.
  • It is said that funeral fires have been burning at Manikarnika Ghat, the main funeral ghat in Benares, non-stop for centuries!
  • Married couples never bathe together in the Narada Ghat – they consider it ill-conducive to marital harmony!
  • The Lonely Planet guidebook says the fecal coliform count in the Ganges was measured at 250,00 times the World Health Organization safe maximum!