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This page offers sample welcome messages.


[edit] Welcome Message for new registration


Are you ready to share your nuggets of wisdom?

Welcome to CopperWiki, the collaboration-based online community offering new choices to live a healthy, useful, and responsible life. CopperWiki is your personalised wisdom bank, a place where you share what you know and learn from others in your neighborhood and around the world. Dive right in, or start exploring at CopperWiki Guide To First Timers. Remember, you can always share your questions and comments with us at [email protected]

Now get going! We just can't wait to see what you will share with the world!

One of the best places to get started is CopperWiki Guide To First Timers. Please sign your name on talk pages with four tildes -- the key below the escape key on you computer Mridu Verma 01:30, 6 May 2008 (EDT) this will automatically produce your username and the date. In case you get stuck, the following people have volunteered to assist new contributors, to give a helping hand and help you learn the ropes:

  • 5 postings = Red Badge
  • 10 postings = Yellow Badge
  • 100 edits = Silver Badge + opportunity to become a deputy administrator
  • 300 edits + 10 articles on a channel = opportunity to become a channel manager
  • 500 edits + 15 articles on a channel = opportunity to become a channel editor
  • 1000 edits = Gold Badge + opportunity to become an administrator

Cheers, The CopperWiki Team

[edit] Welcome Message to first time contributors


Welcome to the CopperWiki world. You have joined the list of CopperWiki contributors. See All Contributors. If you click on your name, you can see your contributions. You can also see you name right on top of the page. Do click on your name here and develop your profile on this page.

Your contribution is very important to CopperWiki. It is another step towards the evolution of CopperWiki. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful process which will make a difference to many lives.

We look forward to many more contributions from you.

  • 5 postings = Red Badge
  • 10 postings = Yellow Badge
  • 100 edits = Silver Badge + opportunity to become a deputy administrator
  • 300 edits + 10 articles on a channel = opportunity to become a channel manager
  • 500 edits + 15 articles on a channel = opportunity to become a channel editor
  • 1000 edits = Gold Badge + opportunity to become an administrator.


The CopperWiki team

[edit] Invitation letter to people who can benefit from CopperWiki and add value to this site through their contributions

From: CopperWiki Team

Subject: CopperWiki is requesting your expert help for ...

Dear (Field-expert name here)/ person’s name,

Please consider helping us start or copyedit articles/an article on (blank). (to be added if you are approaching people with specific interest areas).

CopperWiki is a collaborative platform to share information, create awareness and offer choices for leading a balanced and sustainable life. It is based on the “anyone-can-edit model” with three key differences. It is not about the information; it is about wisdom. It will take a strong regional lens, and work more like a map to document the untapped knowledge, in untapped world pockets. It will work like the world’s local wisdom bank.

But we are not a blog site. To blog, you can visit our sister blog sites -- and .On CopperWiki you share information, backed with references.

To understand the purpose of CopperWiki, see Purpose of CopperWiki. We feel this project is badly needed. And we need your help! At CopperWiki, contributors are not anonymous. They are asked to register with us in their own names. They are also encouraged to join and develop their profiles on our social networking site -- Coperstrings.

We are asking you, as an expert in your field, to share your knowledge on this platform. We hope you will be interested in participating with others to write or improve articles on ……. ( name of the subcategory, platform, or article name). Hopefully, you will enjoy participating in this collaboration and will continue to assist us to become a reliable and understandable source of useful information.

We turn to you because you have an in depth knowledge in this field . Before you make your first contribution, see CopperWiki Guide To First Timers


[edit] Finding Your way Around

CopperWiki has two types of pages: pages that are a part of the encyclopedia itself, and pages operated by The CopperWiki Team (used by trusted contributors to help build and operate this site).

To find your way around CopperWiki, either enter a term into the search box on the left side of the screen, or go to CopperWiki's table of contents.

Pages operated by The CopperWiki Team include instructions, help pages, policies, guidelines, discussion forums, places to make requests, pages to report problems, and user pages. These are all pages which we use to develop the site and to communicate with each other in that mission.

[edit] The CopperWiki Rules

A few things to be kept in mind before you start contributing to CopperWiki. Do take a look at the purpose of CopperWiki and the CopperWiki Guide To First Timers before you make your first contribution.

[edit] CopperWiki is an open source editable site

This means that anybody can contribute. You can add information to an existing article or even question the avaiable information. But before you do that, we prefer you put up the proposed addition/changes on the discussion board of that article where its addition to the article will be duely debated. If the change adds value to the article and there is a consensus on that, then do go ahead and make the change.

If you skip this step and make the chages/deletion in the main article then we will move the proposed contribution to the discussion page.

[edit] CopperWiki advovcates a balanced aproach

Avoid expressing your point of view. Quote sources and refereces if you you are taking a stand. To make the article richer, add opinion of experts and studies that express a contrary perspective and mention the sources. Remember CopperWiki believes in giving a 360o viewpoint on the subject.

[edit] CopperWiki has free content

CopperWiki content is free. if you access matter or source magtter from here, there is no payment involved. The contributions to this site are also non-monetory in nature.

Remember we aim to become the world's local wisdom bank and you deposit nuggets of wisdom here and take back some information that makes you more aware to make responsible chocies.

[edit] You cannot blog here

CopperWiki is a storehouse of timeless information. The credbility of the information is enhanced if it is backed by references. This is not a place to air personal opinions and beliefs.