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What Doctors Don't Tell You first appeared as a newsletter at the end of 1989.

Fired up with frustration around conventional medicine, award-winning journalist Lynne McTaggart and her husband, Bryan Hubbard, also a senior journalist decided to tell others about its short-comings and dangers.

A five-year-long mysterious illness caused Lynne to encounter various conventional, alternative and strange protocols that either didn't work or were dangerous.

Lynne had also worked closely with an American doctor Robert Mendelsohn who was one of the first to blow the whistle on medical practices.

Acknowledged as one of the world's best health newsletters by commentators including Burton Goldberg and Dr John Diamond, What Doctors Don't Tell You accepts no donations from government bodies, industry groups or companies, but relies for its survival and success soley from its international subscription income.

With a combination of in-depth research and high quality information, the publication has been cited in law courts and is used to encourage doctors to change their treatments.

The WDDTY organisation has also published around 35 books on health and runs regular workshops and conferences.

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