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To write a true CopperWiki article or to add value to an existing CopperWiki artice it is very important to undertand what CopperWiki is not.


[edit] It is not an exhaustive collection of facts on the subject

Unlike your regular encyclopedia, CopperWiki is not a treatise on a subject. Your article does not need to have all the available information on the topic. Your articles should reflect the Purpose of CopperWiki.

[edit] It is not an academic piece or a detailed write-up on the subject

Try simplifying the information. We appreciate your expertise on the subject. But if you simplify the information and put it together in a logical, easy to understand manner, then the reader will benefit from it. Avoid long sentences, use of scientific terms and ideas, and useless information (remember your reader is not reading the article to know about the scientific research, the name of the study or the researcher or the process used, but is more interested in knowing the conclusion. But do give due credit and reference in the "references" section).

Explain everything. Start writing with the assumption that the reader might not know what you assume most people know.

[edit] It is not a place for carrying primary research

This is not a place to test a theory or share a theory for the first time. The matter used in the article should have already been published in reputed journals. This is not a place to conduct survey or seek opinions on a subject but a place to share useful information.

[edit] It is not a place for airing opinions

CopperWiki is not a place to express your viewpoint. Here you can only share conclusions from accepted researches. Even if something is proven and known, if you use information without backing it with references and data, then it will be treated as "an opinion" and not a fact.

[edit] It is not a blog

CopperWiki articles are very different from blogs. While blogs are usually limited to a single author who "controls" the content published, wikis allow everyone to be an author, as everyone who registers can contribute their questions, ideas, and perspectives.

Blogs may or may not be based on secondary research and they are not bound to back facts with reference to appropriate sources. CopperWiki articles are based on secondary research and facts mentioned in the article have to be backed with reference quoting secondary data.

Unlike blogs, CopperWiki articles cannot carry/reflect the author's opinions, thoughts, and feelings and biases. So, Please do not use this platform to write blogs.

[edit] It is not a place for casual observation

CopperWiki is a serious business. So even if you believe in something or know something, please do not use it in the article unless it can be backed by authetic data which can be cross-checked.

You cannot just start an article/edit an article based on hearsay. Stick to facts and avoid making observations completely. Observations quoted in the text should be those made by renowned experts in the field.

[edit] It is not a place for personal advertisement

However, much your product or practice is in line with CopperWiki ethos, please do not use the site for blatant advertisements. The write-up on a product/service should stick to facts, carry all matter -- positive and negative related to the subject.

[edit] It is not a place for serving personal objectives

If you have a one-sided opinion or a strong bias on a subject, avoid writing on the subject or adding to an article on the subject unless you can be completely fair and give both points of views or all points of views available on the subject that has surfaced during your research.

[edit] It is not a place for airing one-sided or biased viewpoints

Try giving a balanced viewpoint in your article. If you are quoting a research that use of cell phones causes cancer, then check and see if there is a research which expresses a contrary or a new opinion and include it in your article.