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The acai berry grows as a wild plant on top of many native palm trees in the Amazon rainforest. When the fruits of the plant, harvested by local farmers and used to make a healthy and nutritious fruit pulp, are quickly frozen, they can retain their vast nutritional value even when they are shipped around the world. The acai berry is known for its deep purple color, as well as for being a rich source of many important antioxidant vitamins.


[edit] Why should I be aware of this?

  • As a berry, it is very healthy. Acai Berry has a lot of antioxidants (slightly more than blueberries or pomegranates), and healthy fats, plus a small amount of protein and dietary fibre.
  • A lot of claims are being made about the benefits of acai berry. Current marketing efforts by retail merchants and Internet businesses suggest acai products can help consumers lose weight, lower cholesterol and gain energy. But most of them haven’t been tested scientifically, and researchers are just beginning to understand the complexity of the fruit and its health-promoting effects.

[edit] Acai Berry and health

Acai berry are known to provide strong heart health benefits. The acai berry is known to be a rich source of compounds called anthocyanins, which are the same compounds which give red wine its health benefits. But acai berries contain none of the health risks associated with alcohol.

[edit] Several health benefits

Health benefits of Acai berry include:

  • Increase in mental clarity
  • Promoting sound sleep,
  • Supplying the body with vital vitamins,
  • Cleansing and detoxifying the body of infectious toxins
  • Building the immune system
  • Enhancing sexual desire and performance,
  • Fighting cancerous cell,
  • Reducing the aging process
  • Normalizing and regulating the cholesterol levels,
  • Helping in proper functioning of the heart,
  • Reducing inflammation,
  • Increasing circulation and improving vision

[edit] All about Acai Berry

Acai berries constitute and 42 percent of the food intakes for the Amazon people of Brazil and the juice and pulp of this fruits have been found to be very useful and it is used as blends in various juices such as soda, smoothies and several other drinks.

[edit] Also for livestock and plants

The fatty content in the berries make their juices deteriorate very fast after harvest. Since eighty percent of the fruit constitutes the seed, the seeds can be ground for livestock or used as manure for plants.

According to research reports, about 100g of extract of the acai berry fruit contains 52,2g of carbohydrates, 8.1g of protein, 32.5g of fat and 44.2g of fiber forms part of the carbohydrates portion of the fruit. Acai berry being a high fat content fruits also contains oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. The berries also have antioxidant properties. The fruit also helps increase energy level and its juices aid the digestive system.

[edit] Contains omega fat

Unlike fast foods which contain saturated fat, acai berry has omega fat. It also contains amino acid, protein, Vitamin A, B1 and E and electrolytes, all combining to make it a miracle drink today.

No research ahs been able to establish any side effect caused by the fruits. Though further research is being conducted, it is still very safe to use.

[edit] CopperBytes

  • Historically, Brazilians have used acai berries to treat digestive disorders and skin conditions.
  • Although the acai berry has been used by the natives of the rainforest for years, it spoils within a day of being harvested. Obviously, this makes it impossible to ship it long distances.
  • A recent University of Florida study found that the acai berry killed cancer cells in lab tests. While this doesn’t prove that the acai berry is the cure for cancer it is, nonetheless, an extremely encouraging beginning, and really demonstrates the healing power of the antioxidants in the berry. [1]

[edit] 90 degrees

One reason so little is known about acai berries is that they’re perishable and are traditionally used immediately after picking. Products made with processed acai berries have only been available for about five years, so researchers in many parts of the world have had little or no opportunity to study them. [2]

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