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Angelic Energy Connection is a pure form of high vibrational healing which was "downloaded" by the Archangel Metatron to Suni Chatterley in 2007.

What is AEC used for

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A.E.C is used to generate healing in the mind and body. It is a simple form of healing in which the client is connected to the Angelic World for both Energy and Healing.

People are rarely aware of the beautiful Angelic Presence which is available to us at all times. Angelic Energy is loving, comforting and healing and is never judgemental. It can be accessed by all of us if we will only take the time to Ask and to Trust.

During a session of A.E.C clients are connected to the Angelic World and physical and emotional imbalances are gently removed and healing Angelic Energy is sent into the mind and body.

Often we experience pain in certain areas of the body which may be related to the thoughts we are having about ourselves, sometimes it is unexplainable and may be related to a past life event or perhaps we have had some physical accident which is creating the pain due to the stored memory we have of the event.

Benefits of AEC

In all cases A.E.C is beneficial in removing the need for the pain, thus eliminating the stored memory which is associated with the pain either from this life time or in past life-times.

A.E.C empowers clients to connect to the Angels for healing and for help or manifestation in future cases. It is an independent source of power, therefore clients do not become dependent on the healer. Unlike in other Energy healing forms, this energy promotes empowerment on all levels.

Such empowering connection allows people to become aware of who they are and what they are experiencing. Participants usually fill with excitement in the realization that this Connection is not short lived but instead can be tapped into anytime anywhere.

Those who have experience of Angelic Energy Connection often find themselves manifesting on a faster and higher level than before, they feel connected and therefore empowered to call upon the Angelic Realms for help trusting that their requests will be heard and answered.

In this sense A.E.C can be considered an all rounded form of healing as it is concerned with the physical, mental and emotional states of the body.

Additional Information

  • The author is an expert in Angelic Energy Connection
  • For more info please visit Grace Kelly Healing