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[edit] Western Astrology

Contemporary Western astrology is associated largely with the signs of the zodiac, which it's thought reflect the twelve basic human personality types.

The four elements fire, earth, air and water contain the twelve signs as do the three qualities - cardinal, mutable and fixed.

[edit] The twelve signs

[edit] Aries

(21 March-20 April)

[edit] Taurus

(21 April-21 May)

[edit] Gemini

(22 May-21 June)

[edit] Cancer

(22 June-22 July)

[edit] Leo

(23 July-22 August)

[edit] Virgo

(23 August-21 September)

[edit] Libra

(22 September-22 October)

[edit] Scorpio

(23 October-21 November)

[edit] Sagittarius

(22 November-21 December)

[edit] Capricorn

(22 December-20 January)

[edit] Aquarius

(21 January-19 February)

[edit] Pisces

(20 February-20 March)