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Kitchen Waste Bio-Gas

Bio-gas systems, with the help of bacteria, break down organic material/waste in an air-tight tank into bio-gas. The gas generated during this process is mainly methane with some carbon dioxide, and it can be used as fuel for cooking or other purposes, while the solid residue can be used as organic compost. Methane burns with a blue flame without producing any smoke or soot. It is, therefore, an environmentally-friendly cooking system. Thus, it not only helps urban households in utilising their domestic wet waste, but also helps in preventing diseases caused by the smoke and soot from burning wood. Further reductions in pollution and energy arise from not having to transport liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders to be re-filled. More...

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Entomological warfare Entomological warfare.jpg Entomological warfare is a form of biological warfare in which insects are used to attack the enemy – either directly or as vectors to deliver a biological agent, such as plague or cholera. This form of biological warfare has been in existence for centuries, even in war between nations.. More...

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The Science and Technology section at Copperwiki focuses on the ways innovations can be conducted and applied to meet human needs while preserving the life support systems of the planet.

With science and technology are we creating abundance, or an ecological crisis? Do advanced technologies make us more secure, or escalate dangers? Find answers to many such questions through our well researched articles.

This section deals extensively with developments which ensure that in our efforts to fulfill our needs we do not compromise with the needs of the future generations. Our articles dwell on the choices we make to use technology to shape our world and share concerns about our choices.

It is an ideal platform for sharing visions among conscious living individuals for creating an improved quality of life in ourselves, our community and our world.


Cell phone radiation

  • Bluetooth ear-piece devices wirelessly transfer microwaves generated by the mobile phone. They are not a safe option for avoiding cell phone radiation.
  • Wired ear-pieces are also not safe unless they are specifically shielded against electromagnetic radiation. Wearing an ear-piece connected by a wire to a mobile phone in essence converts the user's head into an antenna for the base-station.
  • Keeping a mobile phone close to one’s head overnight is not safe. Even "at rest", the mobile will regularly emit a pulsed microwave signal to its closest base station in order for the mobile phone's position to be tracked in order to maintain its expected service.
  • "Walkie-talkies" emit very high levels of electromagnetic radiation, up to 50 times more than a mobile phone. More ...

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