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Managrove is a unique wetland ecosystem in the inter-tidal zone on sheltered tropical and subtropical shores. The word mangrove refers both to this inter-tidal forest community (often called the mangrove forest or the mangrove swamp) as well as to constituent plants of such a community, i.e., the mangrove trees. Mangrove trees are special types of trees that can grow in seawater. The mangrove swamps are formed around the mangrove trees. These mangrove swamps are full of plants and animals that can live in the inter-tidal zone. Mangrove communities are made up of taxonomically diverse groups of plants and animals, and each community has its own distinctive flora and fauna species. There are many species of Mangrove trees; about 110 have been identified. Mangroves play an indispensable role in the protection of the coasts and in maintaining their bio-diversity. More...

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Free Trade

Free trade, or trade liberalization, aims to open the national economy to the global economy and encourage trade and investment with the rest of the world. Evidence suggests that countries that are outward oriented grow faster than those that are inward oriented. More...

About This Channel

The section Business And Politics evaluates the impact of prevailing practices in these fields on the life of the people, the place and the environment and offers conscious alternatives to reach the same goal.

Every small and large business decision or the decision to not do anything has a huge impact on the environment and society. Articles in this section aim to create awareness about prevailing practices, outcomes and the cost of such small and large decisions. They highlight the choices available to political and the corporate leaders and also to people. They make us aware about how we as individuals can have a say on such issues.

It also makes us realise that we cannot excuse our own inaction and we as individual can imact the decision of these larger than life entities.


Bhopal Gas Tragedy

  • Bhopal Gas Tragedy was the worst industrial disaster the world has ever seen, resulting in incalculable deaths and subsequent permanent effects.
  • 500,000 people were affected directly and indirectly and many more thousands of families were permanently affected for generations.
  • The Union Carbide factory did not have much information about the safe storage of these highly toxic gases.
  • The medical fraternity did not have the requisite know how to deal with such kind of contamination and at this scale.
  • There was a lack of co-ordination between the factory and emergency services. There were not many trained professionals in that factory. More...

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