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Clove trees are evergreen trees that produce flower buds that have numerous medicinal values, referred to as clove buds. These buds have a Latin name – clavus, meaning nail as the bud is in the shape of a nail having a shaft followed by a tail. These buds, now known as cloves, were used in the ancient Indian and Chinese civilizations after which, somewhere around the 7th century, did these cloves arrive in Europe and were put into test by the Europeans.


Rich in many minerals

Clove is rich in many minerals like calcium, hydrochloric acid, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C. Clove oil can be extracted from either the leaves, stems or the buds of the clove tree, using water distillation. It is used widely because of its wide ranging medicinal values and uses.

Clove oils are mainly used for dental care because of its germicidal property. This property makes clove oil very useful and effective in reliving from dental pain, tooth ache, sore gum and even mouth ulcers. It contains a compound called eryenol which is used in dentistry for many years. Gargles using diluted clove helps in clearing throat.

The smell helps in clearing bad breath and is effective against tooth cavity. Dentists use a mixture of clove oil and zinc oxide to make a white filling material used as a temporary alternative to root canal. The clove oil come in handy to be used as an antiseptic for wounds, cuts, scabies, fungal infection bruises, prickly heat, bee stings and insect bites.

Skin care therapies

Clove oil is recommended for skin care therapies and also used in several skin care products. It is useful for acne patients. Clove oil can also help getting relief from stress as it is aphrodisiac in nature. It helps getting relief from mental exhaustion, fatigue and tension. It is also considered to be a sleep inducing agent, helpful for people suffering from insomnia.

Clove oil is sometimes used to treat mental sickness such as depression, anxiety and even memory loss. It is believed that a mixture of clove oil and salt gives a cooling effect when applied to the forehead and helps getting rid of headaches. Due to the cooling and anti inflammatory effect of the clove oil, it helps in clearing the nasal passage. It is useful in various respiratory disorders ranging from coughs and colds to asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis etc.

Increasing body mechanism

One of the most important and the most useful properties of clove oil is that it helps in increasing body mechanism by increasing blood circulation and reducing body temperatures. It also has a unique tendency of purifying the blood in the human body.

Diabetic patients are advised to include clove oil in their meals as it helps in controlling blood sugar levels and thus diabetes. Overall, clove oil helps in improving immunity and keeps the body healthy.

Used in cosmetics

Clove oil is used in the field of cosmetics too as many creams and lotions are made out of it. A good massage using clove oil is very soothing to the body and helps keep the mind cool and fresh. Many food items also use clove oil for its flavor and the aroma.

Many soaps and perfumes are made out of clove oil because of its refreshing essence. Many people also believe that clove oil is useful in curing cancer but this has no scientific evidence supporting it.

Clove oil is very useful and one of the most beneficial of the many essential oils that not only is used widely in dentistry but also can cure almost any of the common diseases. But some precautions needs to be observed like not using it in excess as it causes irritation and can easily irritate the mucus membranes and it should be strictly avoided during pregnancy.