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Complete Surrender to GOD and he will take care of me ……… Does it mean I will not think of the outcome and will keep going? Or does it mean I will stop having expectations and wishes and will lead a simpler life?


At what age/ stage of life is one expected to start thinking of this “surrender”?

Does it come to us when we are in difficult situations or does this awakening happen on its own?

Is it likely to happen more when I am feeling low and disheartened? If tomorrow I have a good day, will I forget about “Complete Surrender” and indulge in all the things of my desire?

Complete Surrender

Complete surrender means doing nothing and floating in time in situations, without worrying about the outcome. By doing nothing, we do what we have to do without thinking whether the outcome will be good or bad. I guess this comes with practice and with repeated reminders to us. And while we are doing it we should try to be fair about the work. It seems like a very difficult thing to do. Every job will be “judged” good or bad by the world around you. There will be some people getting in our way and some encouraging us.

But come to think of it if I am able to live with this principle then I will be able to eliminate the pain or sorrow for myself. Would that make my life complete Vanilla? Would it eliminate the happiness from my life as well, since happiness & sorrow are two sides of the same coin? I will be honest, I do like the happiness though I dislike sorrow … J Instead of black and white (sorrow & happiness) there will be all gray or would there still be some bright spots in gray? The spiritual gurus of all times have said that this “gray” state is “eternal bliss” … I am still not there yet!!

Now the question would be - at what point in life do we embrace this thought of “Complete Surrender”? Well, it depends on a number of factors such as the people you associate with, your family values & beliefs and if you seek answers to such questions. But this is more likely to happen if you are in a difficult situation, sad or depressed about a tough situation. Then this thought process would help you either resolve the problem or rationalize the situation. This will also make you think that you have given it your best and time or God will take care of it from now on.

This was my thought of the day as I sit down and share my questions and answers with you.

Complete Surrender Addendum-

One process on the road to surrender is the objectification of that which is considered individual emotion. As surrender is a non-intellectual process (this is to say that it cannot be conceptualized or invoked through rational thought or the ego), the process of objectifying one's emotions is also something arrived at experientially (as opposed to being a contrivance of ego).

In any case, being in surrender additionally incorporates a completely different perception of one's emotions. In this state, emotions seem to go from subjective (as if one is at their effect) to objective (as if one is watching them as a spectator, yet still participating in the sensation of the emotion). This in no way diminishes the sensation of a given emotion, it somewhat recontextualizes it. The experience of this is far from what one would call "vanilla". Additionally, once this process has begun, one doesn't lose the sense memory of what experiencing emotion subjectively felt like (in fact, it winds up being recurrent for quite some time after).

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More on Complete Surrender

Complete surrender exactly means not thinking of the outcome. Leaving the outcome entirely to the Divine as He knows what is best for me. Complete surrender exactly means complete surrender. It can't be conditional. Mid way we cannot allow our ego to intervene and say "I know better."

There is no age or stage when one "starts" thinking of this surrender. One can start at any point of time. But the surrender process starts once there's a certain amount of opening of our inner being towards the Divine. When we reach this stage the process becomes less difficult. Though the path is still long and ardous.

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