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CopperStrings is a collaboration of hearts. It is an attempt to build a cross-cultural, cross-regional, cross-racial, multi-skilled organisation for highly collaborative and collective work; involving those who have a lot to share but have not - as yet - found a way; for discovering the treasures hidden below layers of our routines, habits, unquestioned conventions, judgments, fears or apathy. This started the process of building an 'editable' organization which subscribes to the wiki philosophy of an 'anyone can edit/contribute' where good people, with good intent and good work build extremely useful resources for all to share.

"There is part of you that doesn’t care two cents about your career, your successes, or even the latest medical breakthrough. There is a part of each of us that has much bigger fish to fry around the great questions of living, a part of you that you will come to know when your surface personality unravels on your hospital death bed. This core identity has different priorities than our more fearful career bound perspectives. It wants to live a life it can call its own, it wants a certain kind of consummation not possible to the identity we have cultivated at the professional surface. Work in this area is not something we do, but a great pilgrimage of identity by which we discover larger and larger perspectives on our self and the world we inhabit." (- Poet, philosopher, David Whyte)

Everyday at CopperStrings new people are walking in, with hearts to match their brains. And with that the connection, a splendid network that has both a heart and a mind – a conscience and a consciousness, grows a little longer. We are guessing if people put their minds to where the heart is, the results would be explosive. We are just starting to experience the thrill of a deepest sense of excitement and hope that this will inspire every person in the network to be a better professional – to be a better human being

We've spent the last year marrying the external "dry" world of business with an awareness of our inner and outer worlds. We know only too well, the mostly fractured relationship between the two and the risk of delirious joy in bringing them together. Some of us have tasted the potency of the excitement, while others are tentatively testing waters. Still others are carrying on with business at usual.

We hope to break that.

Corporations are finally beginning to understand that that the soul is necessary to unleash their employees creative gift and innovation. CopperStrings is a start of a conversation that is invitational to those great qualities of creativity that have long been associated with the soul, with a person’s sense of belongingness.

Perhaps, some day it will be a small step to remember how life led you to this moment of consideration. Join now