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Long term strategy

Need to attract writers who know their subject, are passionate about their subject and feel the need to express their views

                                Attract interactive readers

Have good quality original articles which offer content that is line with copperwiki ethos.


Create awareness about copperwiki amongst those readers using the net effectively

This copperwiki platform should evolve in such a way that it interests

  • Involved interactive readers and writers
  • The profile of visitors attract marketers who sell products targeting this segment

In this case, the more defined the final copperwiki is and hence its readers and writers are, the better a platform it is for our customers – the marketers

It should also be a site where they get to learn more/ learn something new about their customers (our readers).

  • For example an article on eco friendly resorts should develop in such a manner that we get to know who is interested in these resorts,
  • The discussion board would reveal if the present format satisfies customers or is their something more that can be done,
  • What do the customers miss ( as compared to normal resorts),
  • Can that service be provided in an eco friendly way
  • Do they really believe that eco friendly resort is completely “green” or something more could be done/they are being duped
  • eg. – Is it a water positive corporation? (ITC started this initiative with its hotels but applies it now to all it businesses. Here the hotel aspect of “water positive” is relevant) link -

Then there are those who comment on articles, though they might not be users. They are influencers (direct or indirect) and our customers are also interested in them. We also need to attract them (see point on active discussion board later)

Short term strategy

Search engine optimization

We need to be on the first page of google search for people to know about us

To do that we need --

Initially a comprehensive list of 40 odd articles can be shortlisted

  • These articles could be on subjects on which have not too much has been written
  • Or popular topics using an unusual/ different angle
  • Cover all categories
  • Pass stringent quality tests (they are your showcase articles)
  • Meet all the requirements of being a copperwiki article
  • Are on unusual/ current/ happening topics

Need to figure out the set of words

  • What should be the set of words?
  • Where should they be placed in the article?
  • Editors should be asked to place them in those articles while editing

Articles should have both objective and subjective information

If we have just objective information, then we are not much different from wiki

Introduce element of choice

Articles should have an element of dilemma/choice. The readers should be forced to think. Even something inane like boiling water can have an element of choice introduced in the article. One school of thought says -- to make water safe for drinking, boil it for 15 minutes; The other says boiling for a minute kills all the harmful bacteria.

The reader thinks, searches, discusses, and expresses his opinions/fears….

This will increase their involvement and hence interaction

Introduce element of controversy wherever possible

An article on Carl Jung can have two perspectives on him

  • Carl Jung is considered to be the father of modern psychology along with Freud.
  • A school of thought in the church believes that “Jung was increasingly concerned with justifying sexual libertinism, and his efforts extended not merely to reviving the lost gods of paganism, but in transforming Christ and Christianity to serve his own purposes.” ( see discussion board for source of information)

Introduce new lines of thoughts

An article on Caspian Terns or for that matter the best of articles on any animal has a danger of reading like a National geographic piece. Lots of information, good one too. Then why will the reader not go to national geographic site?

Here the fact that a rare species like Caspian terns is eating an endangered species like salmon smolts should be introduced in the article.

It will raise issues like --

Who should be protected? Source -- The other things we need to discuss are Concept of mother article

We need a core list of topics that can serve as mother articles

An article on rice can raise issues about the pros and cons of consuming polished rice, unpolished rice, brown rice, basmati rice. There might be overlap in information put up on these issues. But links to these articles must be made available in the article on rice and the reader has the choice of pursuing other links.

Further, the articles on rice can have a link to rice cultivation practices, areas, challenges, subsidies ( Europe, Asia etc) etc

Active discussion board

The discussion board icon could be made alive i.e.
• Be a different colour if matter has been added within last four weeks /
• Another which signifies matter is there but was added over four weeks ago
• Or no matter on discussion board
• The home page sports the list of top 5 sites where hot discussion is raging on ( for those who love entering into discussions for the heck of it)

Must do/ priority list for second round (new ideas + links)

We need to quickly evolve this list, vet it and start working on it to present to the promoters when they are here.

• This list will not be of more than 80-100 articles. While these are being fine tuned to meet all our stringent standards, work on the remaining ( the length of list as decided --200-300-400) can be started after discussion and briefing
• It will contain topics in line with copperwiki ethos
• It will contain articles on those categories which are still underdeveloped ( as of now Copperwiki looks lopsided I feel)
• It contains articles on subject that interest the promoters (they see it and they say yes this is what I was looking for).

(Let all of us make our list and submit and the combined list can be discussed and vetted upon)

Areas of concern

Superficial nature of existing articles

Most articles meet the criteria of “soil, soul and surroundings, but need to be given more dimensions

They do not urge me, force me to interact


The hyperlinks given within the articles are arbitrary and might be misleading for our readers when they start arriving.

After a clear briefing, we editors need to

  • Vet the existing hyperlinks and remove those which dilute our brand equity
  • Add links to those that have been missed


  • Add matter to introduce the required links

(An article on rice might not have talked about brown rice or an article on eco friendly resort might not have talked about green buildings. As editors we have to add matter in the correct fashion and introduce the word in that piece)

Lopsided development of categories

  • How many minimum articles must be there in each category
  • What are the essential topics that must be a part of that category
  • Be clear who these categories should be targeting both from the point of view of reader and marketer
  • Those alphabets within each category which stand empty need to be developed and relevant articles starting with those alphabets on those categories added. ( Just adding topics arbitrarily might add to the lopsided nature of our existing list).

To end on a dramatic note

Broadly describing, wikipedia can be likened to a documentary and copperwiki to a movie.

The difference here is that unlike movies where one just thought what all could be done differently, one can actually do it differently, make the changes here, yell at the author, question him/her, criticize and also show that how much more knowledgeable and intelligent one is.