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Dark chocolates are basically chocolates without milk solids. They have a more pronounced taste of chocolate i.e. a stronger taste of cocoa, which is the main ingredient in chocolates. Due to the lack of milk solids, these chocolates have a special kind of dry and chalky texture along with a certain bitter taste.


Three categories

These chocolates are made of cocoa beans, sugar, an emulsifier such as soy lecithin to preserve the texture and flavors such as vanilla. Dark Chocolates are classified into three categories depending upon the amount of cocoa content, they are; Sweet dark (30% cocoa content), Semi sweet (70%-75% cocoa content), Bitter sweet (80% cocoa content).

Recommended by doctors

Dark chocolates are considered to be good for health and many doctors recommend having small amounts of these chocolates every day. Since chocolates are made up of cocoa which is a plant extract, it contains many health benefits of dark vegetables. They contain “flavonoids” which act as antioxidants protecting the human body from aging caused by free radicals which lead to heart related diseases. Dark chocolates contain large amounts of antioxidants.

Balancing hormones

Flavonoids also control blood pressure by producing nitric oxide and balancing certain hormones in the body. Dark Chocolates also help in reducing cholesterol. Dark Chocolates contain fatty acids which either lower or have a neutral effect on cholesterol level. Dark chocolates also act as anti-depressant due to the presence of serotonin which helps in reducing depression or helps a depressed person to control his/her emotions. A small bar of dark chocolate every day can keep ones cardiovascular system in a healthy condition for a long time.

A recently concluded scientific study revealed that eating dark chocolate continuously for ten years could reduce likelihood of heart attacks in some of the high risk patients. Dark chocolate is the healthiest form of chocolate available in the market. While buying, one should go for pure dark chocolate or dark chocolate containing nuts, orange peels and other flavorings. Avoid caramel, nougat etc. as these just add on to the sugar and fat content in the body erasing most of the benefits of dark chocolates.

Avoid excess

But as they say that excess of anything is harmful and undesired. Having excess of dark chocolates too has its own negative impacts. It makes people fat and obese. Dark chocolates have a certain chemical called “thiamine” which is believed to be associated with migraine headaches. Thus people suffering from migraine disease should prevent having chocolates. They also contain a chemical called “osculates” which increases the risk of kidney stones. Since cocoa contains natural stimulants, having large amounts of chocolates can lead to overstimulation.

People suffering from high blood pressure, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety etc. should avoid having large chunks of chocolate all at once or the matters could become worse. And dark chocolates also contain caffeine which we all know gives trouble while sleeping thus too much chocolate before bed time could be responsible for an uneasy sleep. Although dark chocolates do not have a high sugar content buts still having them continuously for ten years could give a diabetic threat. Having dark chocolates in many ways is good for health but in small amounts. Having excess of it is harmful.