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A $100 million trip around the Moon is being actively marketed. If you have this kind of money you can be the sixth space tourist and spend eleven days of the most extreme form of tourism with Russian and US astronauts. But even if money is a tiny problem for some, there are enough extreme tourism destinations around the world where the fearless and the unusual can whet their adventurous appetite. Interestingly, the term Extreme Tourism was made popular by the world’s first space tourist, Dennis Tito.

Fortunately one need not be as loaded as the moon tourists to embrace extreme tourism. It can also be a highly affordable US$450 for a three-day stay at the Stalin-era Vorkuta coal mines in Russia where once slave labor was made to slog outside in minus-40o Celsius weather. The mayor of Vorkuta is looking for investors, from among extreme tourists, for his proposal to reconstruct one of the Stalin-era labor camps - complete with watchtowers, barbed wire, guard dogs and gruel. Or within your budget you can visit the site of “the worst environmental disaster in history” – the 1986 nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl, Russia.


Travelers Should Expect the Unexpected

In extreme tourism the traveler should expect the unexpected. It is a form of niche tourism to dangerous places like the mountains, jungles, deserts, caves etc. Extreme tourism is undertaken in odd and dangerous places as smokestack industrial sites, rural villages, nuclear plants and outdated, worn out, polluted industrial areas.

Russia and its former Soviet republics, the Ukraine and Armenia, are the most sought-after extreme tourism sites. They are followed by South American countries like Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Who are Extreme Tourists?

Who goes for extreme tourism? A sub-section of Generation-X who are tired of traditional holidays, such as sea-site resorts or skiing resorts, and looking for something different and exciting. The excitement could be the like of the one experienced by the 15,000 who visit the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant on the remote Baltic coast of Sweden every year in spite of the emergency shutdown scares.

Extreme tourists like destinations where their survival skills are tested. As in Russia’s Valday islands where after a short training tourists are left alone on the island for as long as they can pay for it, and try to survive with no contact with the outside world.

Visit Extreme Tourist [[1]] , an independent traveler’s web community devoted to active travel, adventure and eco tourism.

Extreme Tourism Russian-Style

How would you like to spend a weekend in an abandoned gulag 100 miles above the Arctic Circle? You may get to see mock executions with “corpses” being flung away like a sack of potatoes on a lorry.

Extreme tourism Russian-style offers a number of options from rafting to ice-diving to flying MiGs over the city. Windsurfing, which has been a pastime in Russia since the Soviet times, is also a budget-friendly extreme tourism option. Siberia has world-class river rafting in the Altai and Sayan mountains. Ice diving is one of the extreme sports in Russia. The White Sea freezing in the winter is an ideal destination.

The “MiGs over Moscow” package allows you to fly in a fighter jet with one of Russia’s top pilots. The “Edge of Space” package will keep you on the edge by taking you 24,400 meters up where the sky is black above and blue below.

Extreme Tourism in the Ukraine

Driving tanks or flying in helicopters, mountain trips, fighter-jets or sports-planes, balloons, danger-zone visits, wild-life, zero gravity simulator, rafting, surviving in mountains, shooting from all sorts of military weapons, parasailing, bungee-jumping, skyscrapers and monuments climbing, scooters, underwater hunting, are all available in the Ukraine to make your dream come true. The list is endless. To arrange your trip contact DesiDestinazioni – Ucraina [2] for details.

Captivating Sights in Armenia

Helicopter tours give you a bird’s eye view of all the captivating sights in Armenia. One can also view the diversity of the climatic zones and the landscapes of the country. Take a free descent on fresh snows by mountain skiing at Mount Aragats or at the Tsahkadzor resort town, 1800 meters high, which was the main USSR sports base, built in 1968

Volcanoes and Forests in Chile

The Chilean Lake District with its volcanoes, white-water rapids, thermal springs and virgin forests, offer an ideal location for extreme tourism. A wide diversity of animals and plant species add to the excitement. You can explore the volcanoes and the pristine forests during the weekend treks regularly organized.

Adventure in Argentina

Argentina is becoming an ideal scenario for adventure lovers. Popular areas among adventurers are the endless. Pampa plains, the large cordillera rivers, the high mountain peaks and volcanoes, and the deep and blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. One can go mountaineering at the sierras and the high summits of the cordillera, or go for the hang-gliding and paragliding in lower mountains, hills and cliffs.

Other fun activities are canoeing and windsurfing in reservoirs and lakes and rafting and kayaking in the Mendoza, Diamante, Atuel, San Juan, Limay, Manso, Hua Hum and Meliquina rivers

In Slovenian Rivers

Several Slovenian rivers offer rafting in the breathtaking rapids. One of the extreme experiences of nature is canyoning, which is sliding and swimming downstream through a barely accessible gorge or ravine with steep sides. Parachuting and climbing are other adventures common to Slovenia.

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