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Hair loss is one of the most common problems which one experiences. To counter this problem, a number of companies have come up with hair fall reduction shampoos and conditioners. But being laden with chemicals most of these products are not very effective and in some cases can also lead to adverse effects. If you are looking for permanent solution you must understand the cause of your hair fall.

Reasons for hair fall

Remember, it is normal to loose approximately 100 strands of hair a day. But if you notice that you are loosing more than 100 strands, you might need to understand what is leading to such excessive hair fall. The reasons can be categorized into three types, such as:

Hormonal: Hormonal changes can stimulate hair growth and also be the reason for hair loss in both men and women. But the reasons are different; for example, in a woman the hormonal changes can be due to childbirth or excessive intake of birth control pills. The reasons change for men who mainly experience hair loss due to Dihydrotestosterone which is hereditary and can lead to baldness.

Illness: A number of illnesses lead to excessive hair loss, such as cancer, thyroid problems, flu, or chronic illness. One can also experience hair loss if one is on medication for a long period of time. Another common reason is dandruff or unhealthy scalp.

Other: Today, hair loss occurs when the texture is destroyed due to excessive chemical treatments done on them. Dyes, tints, straighteners, and bleaches can lead to weak scalp and hair which eventually leads to excessive hair loss.

Healthy Food for Hair Fall Reduction

One of the best ways to control hair loss is to include food items which improve the scalp and hair texture.

Fish: Hair is essentially composed of protein and if the intake is less then it can lead to excessive hair loss. So, increase the intake of fish items such as salmon, tuna, cod, and mackerel which are great protein sources. Though chicken and red meat are high protein source but they are also high in fat which can lead to high testosterone level which is linked to hair loss. So, opt for fish over chicken.

Dairy Products and Eggs: These are rich sources of vitamin A which produces sebum, a type of oil that is secreted by the body to oil the hair and scalp.

Beans: Vitamin E rich source, this can prevent hair loss within a short span of time by increasing scalp circulation which leads to healthy hair.

Whole grains: Items such as whole wheat breads contain high amount of vitamin B7 which not only reduces hair fall but also suppresses the appearance of grey hair. Carrots: It is a rich source of Vitamin A which is good for eyes and also for the scalp sebum leading to shiny hair.

Shrimp: Hair fall reduction can be achieved through high intake of zinc items such as shrimps. According to the Recommended Daily Amount or RDA, an intake of approximately 11 milligrams of zinc can prevent hair loss.

Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, and peanuts contain omega 3 fatty acids which is one of the best products for conditioning hair. So, if you want to decrease hair fall then include these items into your daily diet.

Other foods

That is not all! There are other food items which are equally effective in stopping hair fall such as oysters which is an item rich in zinc and poultry which is a rich source of iron which strengthens hair roots. In short, the right food can help you bypass the problem of hair fall – what you need to do is to aware of the type of food you intake and balance it for healthy body and hair.