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The event, first initiated by TERI in 1999, has questions designed to test knowledge of students evolving from environment topics of daily concern such as water, energy, air, forest, biodiversity, climate and sustainable development. Children from all parts of India and also from Indian schools abroad participate.


Why should I be aware of this?

Over the years, Green Olympiad has proved to be an excellent tool to create awareness amongst children on various environmental issues. In 2007, as many as 75,000 students from approximately 1,400 schools in India and overseas participated in the Green Olympiad, India's first environmental examination for school children.

All about green Olympiad

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Jointly organised by The Energy Research Institute (TERI), the Indian Ministry of Forest and Environment and a corporate body, Hero Honda Motors Ltd, Green Olympiad is an annual initiative focusing attention on environmental concerns and needs of the present and the future.

The Green Olympiad asks questions arising from issues such as air and water pollution, environment-friendly initiatives and practices, land and water resources, forests, wildlife, oceans, socio-economic aspects of natural resources, global climate change, and the roles of society to improve our environment.

According to TERI, the Indian society is waking up to the call of ‘environmentalists’ urging citizens to take a more proactive approach for protection of nature and natural resources. For a sustainable and healthy way of living, people need to be aware about the pros and cons of each of their actions on the environment. This awareness in turn needs to be created and built up amongst all levels of the society, to see a meaningful change in our surroundings. Children are the caretakers of planet Earth and investing in them today ensures a more habitable planet.

The Green Olympiad culminates in Terraquiz every year, a multi-episode environment quiz programme for television, which is telecast on DD National. The top seven schools from each zone and four top schools from the international zone, i.e 32 schools are selected for this national environment quiz. The winners of this quiz show are crowned ‘Hero Honda Green Ambassadors’ for the year.

These ambassadors carry the message of environmental awareness among fellow students. With this accomplishment this project has carved a niche for itself in the realm of environment globally in creating a unique environment educational platform.

The GREEN Olympiad is designed in an innovative manner so as to test the knowledge of students in the field of environment, and in turn create awareness about key issues touching our daily lives. This annual initiative over the years has proven to be an excellent tool to sensitise children on environmental problems, reaching out to geographical regions across the country where otherwise children get limited opportunities to participate in such an extensive exercise.

Over the years, Green Olympiad has proved to be an excellent tool to create awareness amongst children on various environmental issues, reaching out even to remote corners of the country, where children get limited opportunities to participate in such an extensive exercise. Winners receive awards and recognition for their performance. This includes both individual prizes for students and awards for the schools. Special merit certificates are also awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, which has been actively supporting the programme for the past several years.

The year 2006 saw participation of 60,795 students from 1165 schools from across the country and abroad. Schools from around 450 cities, towns and districts participated in the contest from India. These were clearly from many remote parts of the country.

How does it affect us?

  • The programme has had a great deal of impact on the minds of the children.
  • Children take the question papers home, which carry a great deal of educative information.
  • The questions are designed in an innovative manner so as to not only test the knowledge of students but also educate and sensitise them in the process.
  • The viewer questions elicit response from the public exhibiting a keenness on the part of our viewers to know more about our environment.
  • Students associate GREEN Olympiad and TERRAQUIZ as a part of the annual calendar of all the participating schools.
  • Children in the smaller towns where otherwise the exposure to environment related issues are less, find this an excellent learning process. Teachers and students use the content of question paper in their classroom learning.


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