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HUB stands for Humanity Unites Brilliance and is a vehicle for bringing together a diversity of people and organisation for mutual improvement and empowerment.



What is HUB?

- The central uniting place for people and organisations to come together and move our world from survival, to self-sustainability, to self-empowerment - A new model for business and humanitarian living - A social community supported by a powerful social marketing program - A source for people to gain access to the finest tools, resources and products to help them use their passions to transform themselves the world - including the world's most inspirational educators, best-selling empowerment authors, top empowerment curriculums, and more.

What HUB Does

- Aims to unite some of the most effective non-profit and for-benefit organisations, such as food companies, education companies, micro-loan companies, and more, combining their contributions, creating “the full package”, allowing communities to receive the resources necessary to sustain themselves on every level - Aims to unite the brilliance of like-minded people, social change leaders and organizations, allowing them to use their resources and passions to change the world - Maintain an economic engine that not only creates consistent funding for important humanitarian works, but grows exponentially and creates financial abundance for those who help us generate the dollars - a revolutionary way to give that we call “sustainable global giving”

The HUB Vision

HUB are committed to individual transformation and the transformation of the entire planet.

HUB's goals

Over the next 5 years, HUB’s goals are to: 1. Unite over 8 million souls and 5 thousand organizations dedicated to changing the world, 2. Empower over 40 million people through sustainable global giving, and 3. Create a self-sustaining organization capable of more abundant giving each year.

What Does Being A HUB Member Mean?

Being a HUB member means joining their community and purchasing a monthly personal empowerment program for just $99.00. Every month, a purchase helps HUB to:

  • Feed up to 3 children
  • Educate up to 3 children
  • Provide clean water for up to 10 people, and
  • Provide environmental sustainability training to up to 16 people

The Two Ways To Join HUB

In addition to the above, as an Individual Giver, one can also have access to the HUB community and its resources which includes (but is not limited to):

- Private Instant Access to the world's top leaders, trainers, and empowerment experts - Connection to the HUB Social Network where one can find like-minded people who share similar visions; the network also includes social change leaders committed to helping you turn your personal visions for humanity into reality - Access to HUB’s Circles of Brilliance, a support network (similar to mastermind groups) specifically designed to connect people's passions with others who will support and energise their passions to change the world - Access to pre-designed tools that effectively spread the message of HUB and sustainable global giving - Access to one's own Global Map Of Change, viewable on the internet, allowing one to track your personal impact and the power of one's personal giving on an ongoing basis.

An Exponential Giver is a member with access to the HUB community as indicated above and who inspires three other people to do the same, and those three people also inspire three people to do the same.

HUB’s vision for humanity?

HUB's vision for humanity is to move it from survival to sustainability to self empowerment.

The choices made above are some of the reasons why leading global organisations like Feed The Children, The Pachamama Alliance, and Youth Action International have partnered with HUB. HUB are the new model for business and humanitarian giving.

"We know that together, we will create a united force that will deliver the economic engine needed to once and for all break the chains of poverty and solve humanity’s most pressing needs," say HUB. "The degree to which you participate is the degree to which you personally affect humanitarian change. We encourage you to do what feels right for you."

More About HUB

HUB uses the power of the internet to facilitate one-to-one connections. This gives instant access to people committed to support an individual in their goals and aspirations. It also gives people the tools to spread the word easily and impact the planet even more powerfully than before. Lastly, it allows them to connect to organisations and people in need easier and more cost-effectively so we are all able to give more efficiently.


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