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Juice therapy is simply a way to help the body repair its diseased metabolic system, provide strength to weak organs, restore general well-being and health. It is a corrective, nutritive, harmless, easy to digest, suiting all age groups and sexes and above all a cost effective therapy.

Vegetables and fruits all have nutritive properties, but 70% or more of their weight is in the form water.



It is a known fact that when vegetables are boiled they loose some of their food value but when they are cooked, most of the useful contents are lost to the body and when they are consumed as is, they pass through the digestive system and take time. The body on the other hand easily assimilates juices. Hence when we consume the juice of any vegetable, its original nutrient value is retained, it is assimilated in a short time, it is easily digested and our digestive system does not undergo any functional strain.

The tender leaves and stems of fresh vegetables also contain the largest percentage of alkaline bases and hence are extremely nutritive.

Juices have preventive, health giving and curative properties. Fruits such as orange, papaya, wood apple, pineapple, banana, coconut, grapes, mango, litchis, sugarcane, musk melon, etc are abundant in nutritious elements and thus beneficial for maintaining health, warding off diseases and to cure diseased states. They are rich in natural sugars, vitamins. They help in the formation and excretion of enzymes, amino acids and other essential elements required to help in digestion of food.

Why do we fall Ill

Our body is a perfect mechanism as it discharges all toxins and foreign elements in the body through various orifices. But, if any part is diseased, then this discharge process is affected. In today’s lifestyle, there are many reasons for people to fall ill. Not eating at a designated time, over-eating or not eating at all, consuming more than normal alcohol, spices, clarified butter, starches, not having a balanced diet, smoking, sedentary people who do have physical exercise, stress, lack of proper rest etc are just some examples. One also imbibes infections from climatic changes, water, air and food pollution, by consuming food that does not suit the body, exposure to hot or cold weather.

The human body has an auto immune system which is an in-built defense mechanism and is capable of saving us from most of the diseases. But due to the above reasons, the body’s immune system fails.

Juice therapy vs drugs.

There is no denying the hard fact that the use of drugs destroys the natural auto immune defense mechanism of human body and they have side effects as well. Also, juice therapy is far less harmful and is much cheaper. Juice therapy is both corrective and curative therapy but like certain drug and drug combinations, they are also not free from certain reactions. Prudent and selective use of juices can only be advised and guided by a doctor. One should seek a doctor’s guidance before embarking upon juice therapy and dietary change-over, substitutes and modifications

Classification of Vegetables


Vegetables can be divided into eight major classifications-

  • Tuber Vegetable – They have their stems underground such as artichoke, Girasol etc.

Juice for healthy living: for all age groups

  • Juice for infants- The digestive system of an infant is very sensitive. When juices are given, care should be taken to ensure that any kind of juice, to which the infant resists, should not be forced upon the child. It is advisable that fruit should be slightly lukewarm.
  • For growing, young children- From 5 to 12 years old, a child is growing and requires essential food nutrients. Juice can be given once, at least in the afternoon (just an hour or so prior to lunch) and once in the evening. This will restore energy.
  • For Young Adults- In this age group plenty of raw and fresh fruits and vegetables. They should consume at least a glassful of fresh juice before both principal meal. Those with sensitive bowels should take the juice of Bael or papaya – once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • For pregnant ladies- Juices of water melon, oranges, apple and green vegetables should be taken at least twice daily – before or after meals. Mango-shake is another excellent nutrient.
  • Juice for aged people- In old age many physical problems arise like hypertension, arthritis, digestive problem etc. They should have the easily digestible fruits like grapes, lime, mangoes, water enriched fruits, spinach and mint.

Ailments it cures

Juice therapy helps in increasing immunity to cold, flu and infections. It is also known for lowering blood pressure, curing skin disorders and helping in digestive problems. A clinical study at Stanford University School of Medicine says that raw cabbage juice cures peptic ulcers. Whilst there are not an abundance of controlled clinical studies on juice, there is indeed a lot of information about its positive benefits on health. Juice therapy helps in hypertension, cardiovascular and kidney diseases and obesity.


Fresh juice quenches thirst, provides a sense of satiation, nourishes and nurtures our body, regulates and revitalizes blood and regulates its flow in blood vessels. In addition they revitalize and rejuvenate our inactive body organs. They modify toxins and thus cause their elimination. They provide a healthy and lustrous look to our body, reduce weight and obesity, clear up and activate digestive organs and clarify urine.

Some specific Ailments and the juices that help

  • Fatigue- Juice of grape, apple, carrot, beet, tomato and sugar cane.
  • Dysentery- Soup of raw tomato, papaya or plantain.
  • Diabetes- Juice of Bitter-gourd. In addition, a glass of lime juice daily will also help.
  • Arthritis- Juice of lime, orange, garlic, bitter-gourd.
  • Hair loss- Juices of Broccoli, parsley and green chillies, asparagus and carrot. Can also apply juice of ginger to the scalp.
  • Worms- Juice of margosa or bitter-gourd which are both preventive and curative. Kamila mixed with curd or taken with whey, also expels worms.

Useful Tips

  • Purchase a juicer of good quality and keep it cleaned and free of dust.
  • Wash the juicer before and after use.
  • Always select the best quality of fruits and vegetables; As for fruits , ensure that they are not ripened by artificial ways.
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables and remove decayed portions.
  • Juice once extracted, must be consumed immediately.
  • Make sure that only the edible parts of the fruits and vegetables are squeezed for juice.
  • If taste permits, it is always advisable to keep the leaves and stems.

Did You Know

  • When raw juices are unlocked from the cells of plants, pure and vital liquids of great healing power are released
  • The composition of juices is so complex that analytical procedures give only a part of the truth.
  • The calorie content of a litre of grape or pineapple juice is between eight and nine hundred. To achieve the same you would need 1.5 litres of milk or a dozen eggs
  • it is not only the compositions of the individual juices which create their profound effects, it is the subtle natural balance between the constituent parts.


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