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Lithium ion batteries are environmentally non-toxic, safe, less expensive and more powerful The new generation lithium ion batteries, which are still in development stage, will hold twice the energy density and significantly cut the cost of hybrid cars. It wil also be far lighter, smaller and cheaper.

Traditional lithium-ions get about 150Ah/kg, and can produce around 550Wh/kg, whereas with the new lattice structure, they expect their battery to achieve 240Ah/kg and 936Wh/kg after a few more months of development. The lattice material is made up of submicron-sized crystals which are linked together to enhance the ion diffusion, allowing a quick charge and discharge of the battery.

[edit] Good for other electronic items

Apart from cars it will also drastically increase the lifetime of other electronics like laptops, iPods, cell phones, and many other things.

[edit] References:

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