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Land degradation

  • The productivity of some lands has declined by 50% due to soil erosion and desertification.
  • Yield reduction in Africa due to past soil erosion may range from 2 to 40, with a mean loss of 8.2% for the continent.
  • In South Asia, annual loss in productivity is estimated at 36 million tons of cereal equivalent valued at US$5,400 million by water erosion, and US$1,800 million due to wind erosion.
  • It is estimated that the total annual cost of erosion from agriculture in the USA is about US$44 billion per year, i.e. about US$247 per ha of cropland and pasture.
  • On a global scale the annual loss of 75 billion tons of soil costs the world about US$400 billion per year, or approximately US$70 per person per year. More...
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SPF or Sun Protection Factor is the time that protected skin would take to burn as compared to an unprotected skin expressed as a number. For example, if a person whose skin burns after 10 minutes exposure to the sun wore a sunscreen with an SPF of 3, it would take him 30 minutes to start to burn. More...

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High Protein Diets

There are many proven benefits of high protein diets. Protein is essential for building muscle, which makes such diets very popular with body builders and gym enthusiasts. A recent article by voted beef jerky as the #1 protein snack on the market. With as much as 13-18 grams of protein per 1 ounce serving, it far outweighs anything else. Unlike carbohydrates, proteins provide long-lasting energy without an insulin surge that accompanies sugary or starchy food intake (which promotes fat storage). More...

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