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Mineral water is water containing minerals or other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value. Salts, sulfur compounds, and gases are among the substances that can be dissolved in the water. Mineral water can often be effervescent.

The source for mineral water is rich in some kind of mineral which is beneficial to health. With regular contact with such minerals the water also absorbs some of the mineral content. There are various types of mineral components, including iron, magnesium, calcium or zinc a very short list of the various chemical compounds.


Why should I be aware of this?

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Mineral water is as healthy to bathe in as well as to drink. There are many benefits of balanced mineral water. For drinking, mineral water benefits the digestive system and helps to balance electrolytes. But, the amount of minerals present varies, so you have to be sure that you are not getting too much of one element or another.

Mineral water is helpful to the body is many ways. Apart from its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, mineral water has several therapeutic effects.

Magnesium in mineral water is used as the body's stress reducer and also strengthens the immune system. Chloride aides in the digestion process, sulphate in strengthening the bones and teeth and iron in delivering oxygen throughout the body. Mineral water may also contain calcium, which apart from being essentially good for health, also strengthens bone mass.

Mineral water and health

There are so many attributes in mineral water that regular consumption give gain optimum health benefits.

  • Mineral water not only helps replenish water that is naturally lost from the body, but it also helps to balance electrolytes. This is possible because mineral water is full of electrolytes (minerals) which naturally dissolve in the water.
  • Mineral water also helps combats bacteria and funguses
  • Mineral water consumed daily helps detoxify the body of potentially harmful toxins and can have negative effects on health
  • Many drink mineral waters as they find that it ca reduce pain, aches and swelling due to the inflammation of muscles and joints.
  • Regular consumption of mineral water can play a role in curing certain types of diseases and chronic conditions.

All about mineral water

Substances in Mineral Water

While different types and amounts of mineral are found in mineral waters, the popular varieties mostly contain the following:

Magnesium: Magnesium helps strengthen the immune system, relaxes body and muscles and also helps lower blood pressure.

Chloride and Bicarbonates: They not only help the digestive process but also is instrumental in keeping acid balanced within the stomach and upper and lower intestines.

Iron: Different types of mineral water have irons in small quantity. The body uses iron to deliver oxygen throughout our system.

Sulfate: Sulphate serves as a cleansing and detoxifying agent.


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