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Some call them travelers with a motorcycle problem. Others call them brothers on bikes. A less poetic description of Motorcycle Clubs (MCs) is that they are organized groups of bikers who ride together and swap biking knowhow and lore.

Historically speaking, the earliest Motorcycle Clubs go back to the post-World War II, when soldiers back from the front missed the adrenalin rush of war. Instead, many took to the road on their mean machines, and the first known Biker’s Clubs were born. Over the years, the quest for that eternal rush led many biker gangs into crime and recreational drugs. Hollywood movies have also done their bit in creating the stereotype of bad bikers (like Marlon Brando in The Wild One) Today, outlaw biker gangs like the Pagans, Hells Angels, Outlaws MC and Bandidos are known to law enforcers in many countries.

However, bad bikers and outlaw clubs must not let us lose sight of the large number of regular biker clubs that exist today, members from diverse backgrounds, all united by a common passion for motorcycles and a yen for travel.


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