Non-Vegetarian Food Additives

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[edit] Identifying food additives

It can be difficult to determine if some types of additives are derived from animals or not. This is because it all depends on how the additive has been manufactured in the first place. In Europe and Australia food additives are listed by a labelling system called "E Numbers". However, the use of E Numbers on ingredients lists has become unfashionable, particularly in the UK. This is because the representation of E Numbers tend to be associated with the negative health affects on the consumer. Psycologically, it seems that printing out the full name of the additive (even though the additve names themselves seem completly "foreign" and unpronouncable!), gives the consumer more confidence about their purchase. Below is a list of additives arranged by their E Numbers, which either always contain animals or those which sometimes may - depending on how the additive was sourced to begin with. All other E Numbers not listed here are to the best of our knowledge always vegetarian. [1]

[edit] Additives to look out for if you're a vegetarian

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