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Natural resources are substances found in nature that are valued in their relatively unmodified form. A natural resource's value rests in the amount of the material available and the demand for it.

Natural Resources include soil, timber, oil, minerals, and other goods taken more or less from the Earth. Both extraction of the basic resource and refining it into a purer, directly usable form, (e.g., metals, refined oils) are generally considered natural resource activities.


[edit] Renewable and Non-Renewable Natural Resources

Humans may only modify natural resources, they can not make them. Natural resources that get renewed in a relatively sort time span -- like forests for example, are very different from non-renewable resources that take millions of years to be made. One good example is petroleum, which once was living plants that were processed for millions of years before humans existed. Petroleum is a natural resource that we consider to be "nonrenewable" because it takes too long to make by the time scale that we can experience.

[edit] Conservation of Natural Resources

[edit] Alternatives to Natural Resources

[edit] How to Reduce the Use of Non-Renewable Resources?

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