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Hey, did you know that women in the city should be much more regular with breast cancer screenings, than those who live in the country? Women who live and work in cities have a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who live in the country, according to research conducted by the Princess Grace Hospital in London and presented to the Radiological Society of North America. Researchers hypothesized that the increased breast density in city dwellers may be due to hormone-disrupting toxins contained in air pollution. They also suggested that stress might be a factor.

[edit] laughing loudly

I read this fabulous article today on Use of Humor as a Complementary Therapy by Dr. Mary Bennett.

One of the myriad effects of chronic stress is that it lowers the potency of your body's virus- and cancer-fighting cells. In 1997, Mary Bennett, director of the School of Nursing at Western Kentucky University and a researcher of humor's impact on immune function, found an easy way to mitigate these effects: Laugh.

When Bennett drew blood from a group of volunteers before and after they watched a stand-up-comedy video, she discovered that natural killer cells functioned better in the people who'd laughed aloud. And a recent study at California's Loma Linda University showed that merely anticipating a humorous experience led to dramatic decreases in cortisol and epinephrine.