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Stewardship we are the Divine trustees as the mind/body is a vessel that we share/hold.

We are stewards of not as a possession; we are the pilot(s) of the ship.

From view all changes-it is a opportunity to live. This body/mind of mine is rich with the history of the native Indian whose seeds have spread across this planet. Brown eyes that see colors with cellular knowledge seeped in stewardship of what and who we are rather than a possession comes home.

We all have that cellular knowledge, yet some choose to ignore this knowledge message to go another way of ownership and control, doubting the connection of our oneness and clinging to a belief that we are separate. Our core being(s) its own being not of this place with others who travel here. I use the word travel to this a third dimension to participate. This travel is purely a third dimensional concept and idea.

--Daveahhaee 14:48, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

Hi David,

I completely agree with you. We are not the owners of the knowledge we share here, we are trustees. CopperWiki is an opportunity to live and grow.

--User:Mridu Verma