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Created by Martin Nathanael (Director), The Awakening Foundation [1]was set up to be a vehicle for teaching and support in the field of spiritual unfoldment with a primary commitment to the "direct path", that acknowledges our inherent wholeness can be realised now.

Dedicated to the awakening of the divine essence which dwells within every human being, its aims are:

1) To offer the Teaching, both ancient and yet ever new, through which the divine nature of all that is may be known experientially. This “perennial philosophy” embraces principles and practices which are designed to bring about deep, inner transformation for those engaging with it.

2) To make this Teaching available through courses of study, talks, workshops, publications and other suitable means.

3) To promote spiritual practices, including forms of meditation, which lead to direct knowledge of the truths offered through the programmes of the Foundation. In this way, participants are encouraged to mature in Knowledge and Being simultaneously, increasingly gaining access to their own innate wisdom.

4) To work with and support other individuals, groups and organisations which share the ideals and aims of the Foundation.

5) To seek an understanding of the relationship between this Teaching and disciplines such as the arts, the sciences, law, medicine, and the like.

The Foundation organises a schedule of events featuring internationally respected teachers, writers and facilitators - all sharing the ideal of inner awakening.