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Planning holidays with young children need not be easy for parents, but some forethought can prove to be very rewarding for both. Seeing a place through the eyes of a child can be a wonderfully enriching experience. And children benefit greatly from traveling – it is educational, fun and a time for the family to bond.



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Tips To Make Travel Fun For the Family

The most important factor that determines how pleasant your family holiday will be, of course, is your choice of holiday destination. If it is a place that is in tune with what the children like, your holiday is bound to be a good one! But if you try an drag a child who only likes the outdoors through a a day in the museums, or a child who likes city lights to a wildlife reserve, you are, most likely, in for a stormy time.

Here are some ways to ensure fun holidays with children --

  • Plan ahead and let the kids help. Get out the guidebooks, get on google, and figure out where you’re going and what you’re doing ahead of time. Give the kids something fun to look forward to, something to get excited about.
  • Make sure each child has his or her own suitcase and backpack, that they are in charge of and help pack. This helps to teach kids responsibility, and also gives them some control of what entertainment they bring to keep them busy en route. The backpack can include snacks, music, a lightweight book, a notepad and pens or crayons, and also addresses of the friends they will want to send postcards to.
  • Pack light. You can ship boxes ahead to your hotel and you’ll have less to lug as you go. You can also borrow, rent or buy bulky items like booster seats and beach toys once you get there. Do laundry while you’re away rather than having to pack clothes for every day that you’re away. That way there’s less laundry to do when you get home, too!
  • Keep antibacterial wipes handy. Helps keep germs to a minimum when you’re on the go.
  • When you get where you’re going, scout out the nearest park, supermarket, movie theatre and emergency room – just in case!
  • Rather than spending money going out for every meal, you can probably get by with breakfast in your room, especially if there’s a refrigerator.

Ten Essentials To Carry