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There are different opinions on the subject of vaccines. There are powerful arguments pro vaccines, and powerful arguments against vaccines. My personal opinion is that kids should not be vaccinated. The reason is simple: drugs are poisons, and that includes vaccines. Kevin Trudeau says in his book “Natural Cures they don’t want us to know about” that “vaccines are some of the most toxic things you can put in your body.”

We have been told time and time again that vaccines help prevent diseases. We are told that it helps eradicate the disease from ever happening. The National Immunization Program links states that “Vaccinations are one of the best ways to put an end to the serious effects of certain diseases.”


[edit] Vaccine Options

Almost everywhere we turn, the FDA and other government authorities say its safe to vaccine and they have tried to make it obligatory. You do have the right to not have your kids vaccinated, though. On the back of the school form that parents are given to submit their children’s immunization record, it sates “"I hereby request exemption of the child, named in the front, from the immunization requirements for school/child care center entry because these immunizations are contrary to my beliefs. I understand that in case of an outbreak of any of these diseases, the child may be temporarily excluded from school for his/her protection." To exercise the exemption, you simply sign the immunization record under this statement. It’s that simple, but most people don’t know about this.

[edit] 'Cause other chronic diseases'

Even though most people will tell you vaccines are safe and they promote health, the vaccine safety website states otherwise. They say “There is growing evidence that immunization cause a large number of other chronic diseases including autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, cancers, and Gulf War Syndrome.

Data linking these diseases to vaccines includes human and animal data. In some cases the increased risk of developing these diseases following immunization exceeds the risk of the infectious complications prevented by immunization.” They also state that vaccines have caused insulin dependent diabetes and that many are seeking compensation from the government because of that.

[edit] Exposed to unsafe levels of mercury

If you choose to vaccinate your children, make sure they don’t have Thimerosal in them: “the FDA admitted that children are being exposed to unsafe levels of mercury through vaccines containing Thimerosal”. However, I do believe that vaccines are unnecessary. Dr. Christopher Gussa says that the herbal alternative to vaccination is simply to “ feed them natural foods and treat any disorders with natural medicine only”.

Christopher Kent, DC, has four recommendations for parents that choose not to vaccinate: “1) Breast feed for at least one year. 2) Raise the child in a loving environment. 3) Regular Chiropractic adjustments. 4) Avoid vaccinations. Along with proper nutrition and exercise, my kids are some of the healthiest kids I know. Their strong host resistance is not from medicines and vaccinations, but a healthy, well rounded lifestyle.”

[edit] Read the paperwork

Bottom line, when you are doing your homework to see if you want to vaccinate your child, read the paperwork that comes with it. You will see that it comes with lots of warnings on side effects, just like all meds have. Decide if you want to put something into your child that may cause a side-effect. The decision is yours, but at least do some research to see if you truly want to vaccinate your children. There are many reasons not too, the top being that it puts toxins into our children. You wouldn’t willingly intoxicate your children, I know, so just do your homework. Decide if vaccinations are truly something you want to do. If you choose to vaccinate your kids, make sure you know that the vaccines your doctor puts in them don’t have Thimerosal, as I stated before. Choose wisely! Your child’s health is in your hands.

Mirdza Hayden is a health and fitness expert. Her website BE PROACTIVE WITH YOUR HEALTH offers several healthy living solutions

[edit] Additional Information

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