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White Lions – what they are and where they’re found

White Lions are not albino’s. They are extremely rare and result from a recessive gene, which means they spring up only when two lions mate who both have this particular gene. However, even though they are legitimate panthera leo, they have a mystical halo. According to Linda Tucker, in her book ‘Mystery of the White Lions - Children of the Sun God’, White Lions are only ever born (unless in captivity) in the Timbavati region of South Africa bordering the Kruger National Park Kruger National Park.

The first photographed sighting was in the 1970’s by Chris McBride and yet there is an ancient Senegalese legend which says White Lions are angelic creatures which appear on Earth in times of great ecological crisis. The name Timbavati means ‘the place where something sacred came down to earth – like an angel from the heavens,’ and local myths believe the lions are winged messengers from the Gods.


There are two distinct camps when it comes to White Lions. The indigenous people of the area consider them sacred and therefore priceless. The canned hunting industry may see them with a lesser price tag, but a valuable commodity nonetheless. The majority of White Lions alive today are bred in captivity and mainly for this industry, although there are several in zoos around the world and even some in Las Vegas with . Siegfried and Roy


Linda Tucker describes her meetings with Credo Mutwa, probably the most well-known of all Zulu Shamans, and his explanations of the White Lions, who he terms Children of the Sun God. Through his communication of ancient African knowledge, Linda tell us that they are considered ‘enlightenment bearers’ with their white colouration denoting the blend of all colours, just like white light is the combination of all coloured light.

To add to their mystery there was a female White Lion cub born on December 25th 2000 in a place called Bethlehem, South Africa!


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