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[edit] Wondermentalism; a defintion


1. A movement or point of view characterised by a sense of awe and wonder and a willingness to tolerate, allow and even embrace mystery, uncertainty and diversity 2. Adherence to the sensibilities of this movement.

Wondermentalist wun'da·men'tal·ist - adj. & n.

Wondermentalistic wun'da·men'tal·ist'ic - adj.

[edit] Who invented Wondermentalism?

UK-based performance poet Matt Harvey is thought to have created the term. "I’m sure other people have thought of it too," says Matt, "it’s that kind of word", but Matt first conceived of his version when asked to write a piece for BBC Radio 4's Off the Page on the subject of the paranormal. The piece was later adapted for his regular column in Kindred Spirit magazine .

[edit] The Wondermentalist Cabaret

Matt Harvey's further development and investigation of Wondermentalism has led to the creation of The Wondermentalist Cabaret, a monthly event in Totnes, Devon - that attracts poetry-based performers from all over the UK and a loyal audience since its first manifestation in December 2007. The Wondermentalist team have been invited to perform at a number of festivals including the Ways With Words Literature Festival, The Westcountry Storytelling Festival and the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival.

There is also a Wondermentalist website http://www.wondermentalist.com/ where many of the poets and performers who have appeared at Wondermentalist (and some who haven't) post poems and thoughts of a 'wondermentalist' nature.

[edit] Further Wondermental resources

Hear excerpts from the Cabaret at www.traydio.com